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36 • A&E FEBRUARY 2019 INTERACTIVE TOOL FLYOUT The next thing is to expand the Interac- tive Tool Flyout. Like the Outline Flyout, again hover until the four-way arrow appears, then drag it to its new location. It has been to my advantage to have these tools immediately available without having to search through various dialogs to find them. You may not want the same flyouts that I have chosen, so choose whichever ones best meet your needs; they are all able to be customized in the same manner for your particular needs. There also exists various commands that I like to have immediately available, most notably several of the Arrange commands. To Front of Page, To Back of Page, Forward One, Back One, In Front Of, and Behind are the most used in my workflow. I also included Mirror Horizontal and Mirror Vertical as these icons only appear when a single object is selected, but do not appear with multiple objects selected. To begin, we need to go to Tools> Customization>Commands, then choose a folder that contains our desired options. I have found that All (Show All Items) is the best choice, since it is seldom known where different commands exist. All commands here are listed alphabetically — scroll to the desired command by alphabetical display, select it, then drag it to the desired toolbar and position desired (see Figure 4). Then select the next command and drag it to the right side of the last one. This may require some experimentation on your part to get it right. It's best to move each command in the order of importance for your workflow. Once you have everything just as you desire, go once again to Save Settings as Default to ensure that nothing changes. COLOR PALETTES The next thing involves color palettes. Here, I have three color palettes open: the default CMYK palette; a Custom Palette that I acquired several years ago devel- oped for CorelDRAW version 9 reflecting CMYK values that closely approximate the colors of the One Shot lettering enamels; and the Roland spot color palette, which is included with all versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite since version X5. To open a different palette, or set any Fig 4 Fig 3

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