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A&E FEBRUARY 2019 • 37 Graphic Design one as default, hold down your right mouse button on the target palette until a dialog appears, then choose your prefer- ences there. Note: If you choose CMYK in the primary color mode, and then change to RGB, your palettes will automatically update to RGB color model. Most often, CMYK is preferred for printed stuff, and RGB is best for things that are to be dis- played on a monitor or digitally, such as a website or online in some fashion. When you have everything changed just as you want it, it is best to Lock the tool- bars to avoid inadvertently moving them. Then, once again, Save Settings as Default. Now one task still needs to be done, that of creating a new Workspace that has all your changes, which is valuable if you have to modify CorelDRAW for any reason. You can easily select your saved workspace and it will open with all your new preferences. All my changes were done in the Corel- DRAW X7 Default workspace. If you have changed one workspace, then choose a dif- ferent workspace. For instance, rather than Default, if Illustration is chosen, it will need to be changed on its own, as each workspace is an individual and changes made to one will not appear in the other. To create a new workspace, go to Tools>Options>Workspace>New. You will see a dialog box (see Figure 5). Type a unique name in this box (in my system, I named it Doug's Favorite X7) then press OK. It is possible to create as many custom workspaces as one needs, based upon what- Fig 5 Fig 6 ever individual needs arise. Each should have a unique name for identification pur- poses. Figure 6 shows a display of the new workspace applied. It is now in the list of available workspaces. Since version X6, there exists some Quick Customize buttons. Though helpful, they often don't give me the tools I need for production. That's why I choose to customize my interface. In the future, I hope to explore some keyboard shortcuts, some design tech- niques, and a few little-known facts about CorelDRAW. A most powerful program, it has new abilities that I continue to learn nearly every day. Some things have become rote processes, but others are an adventure to explore. A&E ® 800-345-0062 WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? QUALITY? INNOVATION? THE ORIGINAL? THE BEST?

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