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February '19

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48 • A&E FEBRUARY 2019 distance, and move your arm in steady back-and-forth motions. This helps keep everything, including the angle of blasting, similar and gives you an even etch." —Jen Jezierski, Crystal D "Poor artwork can cause problems throughout the process. Density of the artwork is important. For an example of high density, hold a piece of black construc- tion paper up to a light source — no light bleeds through. This is the density your artwork should provide." —Michael Sullivan, IKONICS Imaging "Common issues are not blasting deep enough, blasting too deep, blasting unevenly, digging 'ruts' when deep carving, loosing masking, carving at an angle, masking issues, washout issues… To avoid most of these, it takes a lot of practice and analyzing the etch- ings you've done. Focus on blasting evenly and at a straight angle, and you'll do well." —Braden Todd, Glassmith2 "It is important to have a basic under- standing on how your sandcarving system operates and parts that will require replace- ment. The most common issue is recog- nizing worn abrasive and when your nozzle requires replacement. These two items are the most common wear parts to any sand- carving system. The effects are inefficiency, worn abrasive causes lengthy blasting, and a worn nozzle causes inconsistent sand flow with lack of penetration of the abrasive in the surface." —Liz Haas, Rayzist What is your favorite thing about sandcarving? "The final outcome. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a properly carved piece of glass!" —Braden Todd, Glassmith2 "I asked our master sandblaster, Mike 'Zito' Vitali this question. He's been doing this with Crystal D for almost 20 years. He said, 'It's such a wonderful feeling to be recognized… I want (the recipient) to feel the love when they get the award I etched. I feel connected to each recipient through the awards I etch every day.'" —Jen Jezierski, Crystal D "Simply said, sandcarving is enjoyable, simple, and offers numerous opportunities for success." —Michael Sullivan, IKONICS Imaging "The satisfaction of reproducing an exact image of a design into a variety of surfaces. I am not artistic, but sandcarving allows someone to create and be expres- sive through a design and a little imagina- tion. The blaster becomes a creator of fine products." —Liz Haas, Rayzist A&E Awards & Engraving Introduces Join Today! Questions? Call 800-870-0904 Choose your level! Select your business activities and interests. Submit! YOU'RE IN!

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