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February '19

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68 • A&E FEBRUARY 2019 Clear acrylic award The Cascade Collection is a new acrylic piece for 2019 from Pacesetter Awards. This clear acrylic award has layered edges in your choice of frost or blue. The award rests on a laser cut silver mirror and black base. Made in the USA. 888-545-1933 Brochure and sample kit Epilog offers its brochure and sample kit. Epilog's sample pack contains its newly redesigned product brochure, laser sam- ples, side-by-side machine comparisons, a Start Your Business Guide, and more. The brochure includes comprehensive information on all of the company's laser systems, as well as compatible materials, detailed information on machine features, accessory options, and technical specs. 303-277-1188 Custom rubber stamp components Jackson Marking Products offers equip- ment and components for producing custom rubber stamps. Four different types of laser engravable stamp die mate- rials are offered. Choose from standard rubber, low odor rubber, synthetic rubber, and low-odor photopolymer. Suggestions for engraving speed and power are pro- vided. The Polymer Plus equipment line features five exposure unit options and three washout options for processing pho- topolymer stamp dies. Negative produc- tion materials along with polymer and related supplies are offered. 800-782-6722 Exposure unit IKONICS Imaging offers its new Quick Image tabletop exposure unit. This new unit delivers fast, uniform, and high- resolution exposures using long-lasting LED light strips, over 50,000 hours, which reduces setup time, energy cost, and overall cost of ownership, states the company. 800-643-1037 Rhinestone transfers Dalco Athletics showcases its Peace & Love rhinestone transfers. This stock design series combines a peace sign, a heart, and a sport ball or school organiza- tion icon of choice. Choose from a base- ball, basketball, soccer, softball, volley- ball, dancer, megaphone, football, or lyre. Colors vary depending on the icon. The overall size of the transfer ranges from 2 1/2" high up to 8 1/4" across depending on what is chosen. Each transfer comes on a plastic carrier sheet. The transfers can be adhered to cotton, polyester, or blends. The minimum order is five pieces and increments of five thereafter. 800-288-3252 Photo impact printer The Roland MPX-95 photo impact printer imprints on a wide variety of metals, i n c l u d i n g t i t a - nium, platinum, silver, copper, and gold. It's recom- mended for cus- t o m i z i n g g i f t s — including pen- dants, keychains, watches, flasks, vases, business card holders, and more — with photos, logos, names, messages, and designs. An optional MPX-95 Gift Kit includes vises and clamp pins for per- In every issue, you'll find the latest products and literature offered in A&E's Product and Literature Review. If your company is offering a new product or new literature, send a concise, one-paragraph press release with a photo to Cassie Green at or Photos should be in a tiff or jpeg format with a minimum resolution of 300ppi, and minimum size of 5 inches wide.

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