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8 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 Business Watch Opti ma Perfor mance Che micals Takes Flight H A C KE NS A C K, N.J. — Opti ma Perfor mance Che micals announces it is of cially open for business. The Ne w Jersey-based co mpany offers cleaning che micals, addi- tives, e mulsions, and other screen-printing products. Michael Savino, vice president and marketing director at Opti ma, explains that the co mpany is the result of gro wing de mand for che micals fro m custo mers at Total Ink Solutions, another screen-printing supply co mpany in Ne w Jersey. " With the increased sales, the co mpany decided to split the che mical manufacturing into its o wn co mpany," says Savino. " This was done so we could better assist our clients and distributor base with a better and more readily-available product." In addition to branching off with a separate co mpany, Total Ink Solutions, the distributor of Opti ma products, added 10,000 sq. ft. of space to house operations. The extra space allo ws both co mpanies to re main in the sa me building, Savino adds. Monarch Na mes Reece Supply Co mpany as Latest Distributor C H A RL O T TE, N. C. — Monarch Color Corporation na mes Reece Supply Co mpany as the ne west addition to its distributor net work. The co mpany says Reece is its largest distributor partner to date. A wholesale supplier to the screen printing, sign, and digital i maging industries, Reece's history dates back to 1936. The co m- pany has locations in multiple states including Texas, Louisiana, Oklaho ma, Georgia, and in Monarch's headquarter state of North Carolina. " Reece Supply Co mpany sees the advanced perfor mance characteristics of our ink and believes their custo mers will reap the bene ts of supplying the m with the most advanced plastisol ink for athletic apparel in the industry today," states Aaron Blank, vice president sales and distribution for Monarch Color. The addition of Reece Supply Co mpany marks the fourth signi cant distributor agree ment for Monarch in recent months. In June 2018, the co mpany partnered with Salt Lake City-based Technical Service & Supply. Hohenstein Opens Bangladesh Testing Laboratory B OE N NI G HEI M, Ger many — Hohenstein Group expands its world wide services with a ne w laboratory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The announce ment follo ws six months of construction and invest ments in "cutting-edge technology," says the organization. Like their Ger man headquarters, the group's Dhaka facility of- fers che mical and textile technology testing for textile manufac- turers, brands, and retailers. Test services include screening for har mful substances, perfor mance tests, and quality controls like colorfastness, pilling, and water retention. The facility features a staff of 30 local e m- ployees with plans for additional staff in the future. Stefan Mecheels, head of the re- search institute, says that the Bangladesh of ce maintains a direct line of contact with Ger many. " Hohenstein is all about proxi mity to the custo mer and Ger man quality," explains Mecheels. "In Bangladesh, we are in close contact with our laboratories in Ger many and Hong Kong." Hohenstein operates more than 30 branch and contact of ces world wide with a workforce of more than 1,000 e mployees. Uni Beco mes Of cial Pac-1 2 Sponsor G REE NSB O R O, N. C. — Uni announc - es a long-ter m partnership with Pac-12, a sports conference co mprised of 12 U.S. universities with 513 N C A A tea m titles. The partnership sees Uni joining forces with Pac-12's sustain - ability initiative, Tea m Green. Through the agree ment, Uni serves as the of- cial sponsor for all Pac-12 cha mpion- ship events and provides grant funding to me mber institutions. Both organizations ai m to increase efforts to wards recycling and sustainability throughout university ca mpuses in the U.S. "At Uni , sustainability is a core co m- ponent of the work we do and who we are," says Richard Gerstein, executive vice president of pre miu m value-added brands and global chief marketing and innova- tion of cer at Uni . " While we have re- cycled more than 12 billion plastic bottles into REP RE VE polyester products in- cluding athletic shoes and apparel, we rec- ognize the need to create a paradig m shift in recycling rates in the U.S. to keep even more bottles out of land lls." Pac-12's net work includes universities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Or- egon, Utah, and Washington. The confer- ence leads multiple initiatives and events annually like the Pac-12 Sustainabil- ity Conference, the Pac-12 Zero Waste Co mpetition, and the Pac-12 Sustainabil - ity Working Group which brings leaders fro m all 12 universities in athletics and sustainability. " The Pac-12 is thrilled to launch our Pac-12 Tea m Green platfor m and also recognize Uni as the founding partner of Tea m Green," says Ja mie Za- ninovich, Pac-12 deputy co m missioner and chief operating of cer. " Uni and the Pac-12 share a co m mon vision for ho w sustainability can i mpact our co m muni- ties, and this innovative partnership will help a mplify the i mpressive sustainability efforts being executed by our ca mpuses."

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