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2-16-18-EPIL O G- NB M-sho wprevie w-Charlotte .pdf 1 8/16/2018 2:19:52 Make B o oth #509 Your First Sto p. Quality & Lea dershi p give y our business a c o m petitive advanta ge! He a t Tr a n s f e r S ub limation U V- LE D Printing Engraving B O OT H S 41 4 & 41 5 J P PL U S. C O M • 1- 8 0 0- 8 6 9-7 8 0 0 f e at ur e d e x hi bit or s Universal Laser Syste ms Booth #509 480-483-1214 w w m PLS4.75 Syste m with 9.3µ m CO2 Laser – Only at ULS You will only nd the advanced 9.3µ m laser at Universal — co mpatible with all ULS platfor ms including the PLS4.75. Available in 30, 50 and 75 watts, the 9.3µ m laser offers intricate details and cleaner cuts on wood, leather, plastic and more. It also co mpletely eli minates weeding on many Siser ® and Stahls' ® heat-transfer materials for fabrics. Plus, ULS modular architecture and Rapid Recon guration ™ offer users a 30-second s wap of the industry-standard 10.6µ m to the 9.3µ m laser in any syste m. Co me see us for a live de monstration! Trotec Laser Booth #501 866-226-8505 w w m E mpo wer Yourself with a Trotec Laser Whether you are starting your o wn business or looking to gro w an existing business, Trotec can e mpo wer you with the capabilities, materials and support you need. The co mpany's versatile line of Speedy CO2 and ber atbed lasers can cut, mark and engrave a wide range of materials at processing speeds up to 140 inches/sec., making the m the fastest on the market. Co mbined with a broad line of co mpetitively priced engraving materials and expert support directly fro m the manufacturer, Trotec has everything you need to gro w a business. Visit our booth and see ho w Trotec can e mpo wer you. Next Level Apparel Booth #901 310-631-4955 w w m The Ne w Made in the USA Line Introducing our ne w Made in the USA line by Next Level Apparel. The ne w line consists of your favorite tees in men's (3600A) and wo men's (3900A) cotton cre w tees and men's Tri-Blend cre w tee (6010A). You no w you have the freedo m to choose a Made in the USA version of your favorite shirts worthy of your message or designs. Co me visit us at our booth. Register No w: T HENB M S H O m or call 800.560.9941 Johnson Plastics Plus Booth #414 & 415 952-888-9507 w w m Ne w Drink ware for Personalization! A ne wly expanded line of trending, UV-LED printable and engravable drink ware and accessories are no w available fro m Johnson Plastics Plus. Explore our bold, conte mporary product offerings that raise the bar for drink ware functionality and design. The ne w drink ware line includes a variety of colors, nishes and styles including tu mblers, sports and crystal topped bottles, and ca mp re mugs. Order today for yourself, fa mily and friends. C harlotte, NC N ov e m b er 2- 3, 2 01 8

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