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The Latest 182 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 For more on the suppliers featured in this section, please see website and phone infor mation follo wing each product. A U T O S C R E E N- P RI N TI N G P R E S S The Sabre, manufactured by Workhorse Products, is a series of auto matic screen-printing presses suitable for any mid-size to high-volu me shop. This press features a continuous drive indexing syste m and a touch- screen control panel mounted on a pivoting base. Machine status, ash location, mode of operation, print head on/off, and production rates can be checked. The Sabre also features micro-registration, independent squeegee and ood bar pressure adjust ments, quick release platens, and a standard 20- X 20-inch i mage area. It co mes in six-, eight-, 1 0-, and 12-color con gurations. The six-, eight-, and 1 0-color presses can be used with the patented Flashback, an integrated ash-cure unit that allo ws for printing, ashing, and cooling on the sa me head. All color con gurations are co mpatible with the Plug N Go Quartz ash unit. Visit: w w w. m | Call: 8 0 0-778- 8779 N E W B R A N D S TSC Apparel carries Fruit of the Loo m and JE RZEES. TSC stocks the top 21 styles in their Cincinnati, Houston, and Philadelphia warehouses and dropships entire lines directly fro m the mill. Visit: w w m | Call: 8 0 0-289-54 0 0 E C O- F RI E N DLY C U T A W AY Cots wold 2.5-oz. pre miu m cuta way, #725, offers stability due to its non-directional non- woven con - struction. This weight is reco m mended for approxi mately 25,0 0 0 stitches in a moderately dense design. It can also support delicate fabrics. This cuta way is made of polyester/rayon using a wet-laid process. It helps achieve the "ta mbourine skin" tension in the hoop that is necessary for proper registration. This stabilizer is made of 1 0 0 percent post-consu mer recycled polyester bers and a sustainable cellulose source. Visit: w w w.cots m | Call: 877-309-3553 H AT F R A M E The PAS Store offers the Durkee Cap E mbroidery Fra me. Attached to a multi-needle machine, the front-load fra me makes it possible to se w a design or logo up to 5" W X 4-1/2" tall on the front or back of cap. Visit: w w m | Call: 877- 85 0-7179 FL A S H- C U R E U NI T Vastex International offers a F-1 0 0 0 ash-cure unit with a 2,6 0 0- watt/24 0 V, 1 8" X 1 8" infrared heat - er. The high-density mediu m- wavelength infrared heater features closely spaced coils and carries a 15-year warranty. The unit also features built-in heat shields on four sides of the enclosure; a head leveler to adjust the heater parallel to the platen; extra-large side handles; heat control with po wer lights; and a four-leg stand with casters and vertical adjust ment collar allo wing 36 0-degree rotation. The F-1 0 0 0 unit is also available in a 1,95 0- watt/120 V model for lo w- to mediu m-capacity applica - tions. The co mpany offers upgrades and add-ons for the ash unit, as well as additional sizes. Visit: w w m | Call: 61 0-625-2702

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