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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 183 H E AT T R A N S F E R G UI D E The 12-page Breast Cancer A wareness Guide fro m WildSide features more than 15 0 heat transfer de - signs. The expanded offerings range fro m slogans and designs honoring fa mily me mbers and others affected by the disease to support ribbons and messages of hope and encourage ment. Visit: w w w.the m | Call: 8 81- 837-5 0 0 0 C U S T O M L E T T E RI N G Dalco Athletics offers custo m lettering/appliqué services. Custo m Cut Letters offer tea m, co m - pany, or personal na mes cut to custo m speci cations in vinyl cutter material or appliqué fabric. Choose fro m 3 0 standard block and script fonts in one to three colors. For mats range fro m straight and regular arches to bo wties and bookends. Letters can be connected or separated, with overlapping and zipper front-split options. Standard styles are all available with no setup charges. EasyStitch se w les are also offered. Lettering co mes in youth, adult, and athletic full- front and jacket-back sizes. Visit: w w m | Call: 8 0 0-28 8-3252 B R E A S T C A N C E R T R A N S F E R S Transfer Express offers custo m and stock breast cancer a wareness heat transfers to help decorators sho w support and raise a wareness for the cause. Visit: w w m | Call: 8 0 0-622-228 0 E M B R OI D E R Y E Q UI P M E N T G UI D E The Taji ma Multihead Product Guide, available fro m Hirsch Solutions Inc, is a co mprehensive guide to the Taji ma line of industrial multi-head and specialty e mbroidery machines available fro m Hirsch Solutions. The 36-page, full-color publication details a range of e mbroidery equip ment and acces - sories. The illustrated reference provides a look at standard features, bene ts, applications, and various con gurations. The guide also highlights border fra mes and pocket cla mps, multi-cording devices, and auto lubrication, as well as sequin, boring, and la mé attach ment devices. The guide also explains standard vs. stretch intervals. Visit: w w | Call: 8 0 0-394-4426 K NI T C A P S C AT AL O G Cap A merica released its rst-ever Knit Catalog. This catalog includes more than 1 0 ne w styles, sev - eral of which are in stock. The ne w styles included in the 25-page publication include made-in-the- usa custo m knits, as well as ready knit styles. Visit: w w w.capa m | Call: 8 0 0-487-2227

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