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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 187 Fall Open House & Chili Cook Off Nov. 1 0; Spring eld, Ohio w w m The Co mplete Screen Printing Business Course Nov. 1 0–11; Schiller Park, Ill. w w m Screen Print: Basics Nov. 13; Dallas w w m Screen Print: Advanced Nov. 1 4; Dallas w w m Intro to Screen Printing Nov. 15; Georgia w w m Vastex University: Screen Printing A– Z Nov. 15–17; Bethlehe m, Pa. w w m Intro to Screen Printing Nov. 16; Kings Mountain, N.C. w w m Learn to Print Dark Shirts & Heat Transfers Nov. 1 8; Atlanta w w w.kolor m D E C E M B E R Screen Print Experience Dec. 1–2; San Leandro, Calif. w w m Art to Press Pre mier Class Dec. 6–1 0; Atlanta w w w.kolor m La wson Textile Tech Acade my Dec. 7; Atlanta Dec. 7– 8; St. Louis w w m Mastering T- Shirt Screen Printing Dec. 8–1 0; Atlanta w w w.kolor m A N D B E Y O N D … 2 01 9 Feb. 1–2; Phoenix March 28–3 0; Irving, Texas May 17–1 8; Mil waukee July 25–26; Meado wlands, N.J. Aug. 15–17; Long Beach, Calif. Sept. 12–1 4; Colu mbus, Ohio Oct. 11–12; Denver, Colo. Nov. 8–9; Charlotte, N.C. w w w.thenb msho m Help the m manage their inventory by paying attention to the goods they order consistently. If they begin to run lo w fro m your wholesale supplier, nd out when more will be co ming or if that ite m is be - ing discontinued. Help the m develop a coordinating line of logoed products so that no matter who is wearing what, it all works together to reinforce the co mpany branding. Sho w the m ho w to build a product line that includes co mple mentary color sche mes which includes monochro- matic logos, multicolor logos, and differ - ent colors for the sa me logo, if they have that exibility with their brand. The decision- making process is dif - ferent in the corporate sector. Ask the m what the ti mefra me and process is. Will they make decisions no w? Do they have to meet with a different group rst? Will that meeting be in 10 days or so meti me do wn the road once so meone higher up approves? Use all your personal skills when you meet with these custo mers, as profes - sional courtesy is not only expected but required. Be on ti me. When you meet with the m, take only the a mount of ti me that you originally asked for. If they want to extend the meeting, that's great. Kno w ho w to say the na me of the person or people you are meeting with before you meet the m. These all may see m obvious, but if you overlook the m, or treat the m the sa me as the custo mer that is ordering a baby blanket, you may not win the busi- ness. These custo mers can be more challeng - ing to win, as they may take more ti me and effort on the front of the sales pro- cess, but the re wards once you win the m can last for years when they co me back to you again and again for more products and apparel. The effort does pay off and can make a signi cant i mpact on your business over ti me. You may nd yourself doing a happy dance when you get the phone calls or e mails that they need an- other order, and you kno w exactly what they need and ho w to create it. continued fro m page 22 STITC H S OL U TI O N S

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