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192 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 P RI NT WE A R S H O P S N A P S H O T B Y E D D I E WI E B E R I t's said of the three ingredients needed for a successful retail business, location is tops. Lander, Wyo ming would be a typi- cal western ranch to wn if not for the fact that its location is on the main road to Yello wstone National Park. There are several routes into Yello wstone, but as U.S. High way 287 winds north ward, travelers begin to experience leg- ends of the West up close and personal when they pull into to wn. The surrounding hills and canyons hint at the natural wonders ahead, while the green hillsides and distant mountain vistas infor m travelers they've arrived at a land unique in its te mpera ment and visage. It's here Dan Carey set up shop when t wo circu mstances conspired to create a perfect situation for starting a ne w business in 1994. First, the athletic letter sup- plies in the area were meager at best, and the wait was several months to get a decorated high school letter man jacket for his son. Sec- ond, an accident while working as a produce manager at one of the local super markets had Carey looking for a ne w line of work. As it turned out, the o wner of a screen-printing shop in do wnto wn Lander was retiring and the business was up for sale. S mall-to wn life suited Dan better any way, and he found hi mself that ne w line of work. It also turned out that folks in other nearby to wns needed a local print and e mbroidery shop, so the business gre w. Today, with his wife Regina and their t wo sons Ryan and Ti m, the Carey fa mily oversees the operation. The business also no w boasts a second location along a separate route to Yello wstone in the city of Casper, Wyo ming. Additional staff includes six full-ti me e mployees as well as part-ti me sea- sonal helpers. Ryan Carey's sons also help with the business during the su m mer. Tourists might stu mble upon the shop on Main Street in Lander but might also see its listing in the local tourist magazine. Business continues a steady course even during the off- season, when the shop lls orders for school sports tea ms fro m the surrounding to wns, as well as signs, banners, wraps, and other graph - ics for local businesses. Mean while, the graph- ics business continues to evolve, even in s mall to wns like Lander and Casper. When they can get a way, the Careys keep up by attending in- dustry events like T HE NB M S H O W and workshops in Denver. In addition to their graphics and printing business, the Careys also operate a retail busi- ness in the front of the Lander building. The store offers Yello wstone and Old West keep- sakes for the passing tourists with offerings such as postcards, posters, magnets, maps, caps, T-shirts, and ice crea m cones. " Diversity is key," says Ryan Carey, pointing to ward the area where all the e mbroidery is done by Regina Carey, then at the auto matic screen-printing press, past the screen washout area, the plotter, la mi- nating table, and the large-for mat printers, to the back lot where vehicle wraps are installed. Up front, shelves and racks are stocked and ready for the inevitable in ux of visitors who will eagerly buy a piece of Wyo ming me morabilia. For more infor mation, visit w w w.shirtsn m . AT A GL A N C E L O C ATI O N: Lander, Wyo ming O W N E R S: Dan and Regina Carey S Q U A R E F O OT A G E: 7,5 0 0 sq. ft. P R O D U CTI O N E Q UI P M E N T: • M & R 8- and 4-color manual presses • One Progressive Rhino 8-color auto matic press • Eight Melco e mbroidery machines • One Epson F2 0 0 0 direct-to-gar- ment DT G printer • Three Geo Knight Heat Presses • One Roland X R6 4 0 Digital Printer • One Roland Versa Ca m m VS5 4 0 digital printer • One Roland True Vis V G6 4 • One Mutoh Valuejet 161 4 • T wo Graphtec cutters Shirts & More The screen-printing depart ment at the Lander facility. ( All i mages courtesy Peni Aronson) Left: The bustling e mbroidery depart ment. Right: The front end of the building is a full retail shop with everything fro m decorated hats to s mall souvenirs, to fudge and ice crea m.

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