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Josh Ellsworth has been on a mission to help GroupeSTAHL custo mers of all shapes and sizes build their businesses for al most 20 years. Throughout his career, Josh has helped i mple ment heat printing produc- tion syste ms in so me of the largest gar- ment factories in the U.S., as well as set up thousands of s mall businesses with their very rst heat press machine. Josh has been with GroupeSTAHL since 1998, most recently holding the position of vice president of Sales, Dealer Channel. Various other positions included roles in maintenance, sales, production and general manager Stahls' CAD-CUT direct, and general manager Stahls'TV. Zach Ellsworth has been helping heat printers for the last 15 years. Fro m hopeful start - ups to seasoned professionals, Zach's advice and insight has helped the m all increase productivity and pro tability. Zach is currently serving as the general manager of I m- printables Warehouse and is focused on his favorite thing: helping decorators succeed. Leg heat transfers make for interest- ing place ment. Just make sure you use a platen 6" wide or s maller to load the leg and take the pressure do wn. ( All i mages courtesy the author) 28 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 P R E S SI N G M ATTE RS B Y J O S H A N D Z A C H E L L S W O R T H T i ming is everything. At least that's what they say. Who is they exactly? Well, it depends on your profession. Ti ming is extre mely i mportant to the sales process. Ti ming is also i mperative if you're a professional baseball player. What about loca- tion, location, location? Real estate agents will tell you that one. This adage, when applied to apparel decorating professionals, can make a good design a great nal piece. Let's look at a fe w ideal place ments and ho w you can achieve the m. H O O D PL A C E M E N T Hoodies are the ne w T-shirt when it co mes to the cooler months. Everybody has one (or more), and the space it provides for decora - tion is perfect for heat transfers. Si mply take the hood, load it onto your heat press using a platen that is s maller than the opening, and heat apply your favorite type of transfer. It's a nice surprise to be able to put your hood up and have a graphic or phrase appear. C AL F P RI N T S If you're not decorating yoga pants, leggings, or s weats, what are you waiting for? You don't have to have the ability to print all the way do wn the side of the leg to make a good looking decorated pant. And butt prints went out of style about 10 years ago. All you need to do is start offering place ment on the calf for a trendy option that's easy to apply. Use a heat press platen that's 6" wide or s maller to load your pant leg, adjust your pressure do wn to a 2–3 on your heat press, and apply your heat transfer of choice. W R A P A R O U N D While there are lots of creative place ments on the front and back of shirts, one that is appearing on retail shelves regularly is the one that goes fro m the front to the back. More co m monly kno wn as a wrap- around print, this technique has gained more and more traction as printed graphics get bigger and bigger. It's not as easy to pull off as a standard front or back place ment because you usually deal with the dif culty associated with applying over a sea m. This application type will usually be done on a full-size 16" X 20" platen. You'll need to Ti ming is Everything

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