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30 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 use a heat press that is threadable to get the best results. That means you'll want to open the gar ment and slide the platen inside of it so that the other side of the gar ment is under the heat press. Once the gar ment is threaded onto the platen, insert a heat print - ing pillo w that is slightly larger than the graphic you're going to ap- ply. The pillo w will allo w the sea ms to sink do wn into it and help you achieve the even pressure that is required for any successful heat application. Place your graphic, apply for the reco m mended ti me, te mperature, and pressure, and peel the carrier of the transfer. Once you re move the shirt fro m the platen, you'll see the wrap-around look that you just created. PI PI N G, A C C E N T S, A N D S E G M E N T ATI O N So meti mes the unconventional place ment that you're trying to achieve can beco me an unconventional graphic type. Instead of fo- cusing all of your heat printing effort on applying co mpany logos and na mes and nu mbers, think about offering piping and accents on ite ms. This is a great application when using re ective or metal- lic heat transfers. Focus piping place ments on sleeves, do wn sides, and on pants. Any where there is a sea m on a gar ment; there's an opportunity to add piping. Again, you'll want to be able to thread the place ment area on your heat press, insert a heat printing pillo w to nor malize the pressure being applied and heat print your ite m. Accents are where you can be creative. For exa mple, consider the back-yoke place ment on a shirt. Accents are also great around other conventional place ments that are on the gar ment. When you're go- ing to apply an accent around an existing graphic, make sure to use a cover sheet to protect the print that's already on the shirt. Seg mentation has been used to decorate high-visibility apparel ite ms for years, and you can apply the sa me thinking to uncon- ventional heat printing place ments. All you need to do is focus application to areas of the gar ment that move. You'll make more applications to s maller areas of the sa me gar ment. For exa mple, a re ective accent could be applied to each elbo w, the back yoke, each shoulder, and each wrist. Add in an accent for the lo wer back, right around the sea m, and you've created a fashionable and func- tional high-visibility gar ment. Co mbine your heat press with optional platens, a cover sheet, and a fe w heat printing pillo ws, and you'll nd your heat printing busi- ness gro wing with the right place ment all the ti me. P R E S SI N G M ATTE RS M ATTE RS Think of unused real estate such as the sides, back yoke, elbo ws, and hoods to create unique gar ments.

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