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32 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 Kelly "Rags" Ragland is the owner and operator of Rags to Stitches Productions, a holistic advertising specialty co mpany that provides a range of services, fro m Web design and develop ment to custo mized ap- parel. Read his blog at m/. I NTE R NET S T R AT E GI E S B Y K E L L Y " R A G S " R A G L A N D W e need to talk about the ever-present "About Us" page and its i mportance when it co mes to online presence. Whether it is a potential custo mer landing on your website fro m a search engine, social media link, or business card, the chances of the m looking into your "About Us" page are a certainty. Most shoppers want to kno w who they're doing business with, that's a no brainer. So, the "About Us" page should tell a story, pro- vide con dence, and transparency as well as sell you as a trusted business. Along with that co mes the "keep it si mple" nature for to- day's internet users. They don't want a novel, they want i m mediate kno wledge spending little ti me acquiring it. Here are a fe w strategies to apply to your about page. T H E M E AT A N D P O T AT O E S The context of the page should basically present who you are, what you do, your quali cations, and why you're the expert in just a para- graph or t wo. This can be dif cult. But you have to stay focused and approach this not as a resu mé but a si mple guide to your quali ca- tions and history. This will satisfy the large group of internet users with little patience. T H E V E G E T A BL E S Follo wing your brief business description and quali cations, you can easily offer links to more infor mation for those interested and ar med with a longer attention span. Reco m mendations, custo mer testi monials, and revie ws co me at the top of the list. Link to a gallery of your work or links to press releases you have available for readers can further boost your about page. Here you can get into more detail about you and your business for those researching and looking for more infor mation. T H E B R E A D Be sure to have a subscription option for your ne wsletters along with follo w buttons for your social media properties handy on every page where users are looking into your business. Consider those features a way for users to book mark you should they need to leave and co me back later, or the possibility that they're not ready to purchase yet but are highly interested. T H E D E S S E R T Enhance ments to your about page can include an i mage of you, your business, your entire production tea m, and more. Personaliza- tion generates con dence when it co mes to buyers. Reading about who you are is one thing, seeing who you are provides more con r - mation and con dence. Your about page can also be a staple landing page for your current pro mo- tion with a call to action. During back- to-school season, go ahead and offer the things you have to offer. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christ mas, and more keep the page current and many site visitors will read about who you are and dive right into shopping. FI N AL T H O U G H T S Approach your about page as if you were speaking to so meone one-on-one, with very little ti me to sell yourself. That will keep things brief and to the point as well as excite your inner sales strategies into applying these methods in a manner that beco mes effective. We need to talk … About us

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