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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 35 business page to pro mote your business, whether it is posting photos of your n - ished apparel, having a contest, or using it for ads. In regard to a sales funnel, this is at the top. Because a Facebook business page is free to have, there is that te mptation of only having a Facebook page and not hav- ing your o wn website, too. Ho wever, this mistake should be avoided. Think of Facebook as rented land and you do not o wn anything you have on that land. Just like if you are renting a house, you do not o wn any i mprove ments you make to the property. The sa me is true for social media pages. You do not o wn any follo wers or fan base that you build up on these platfor ms. The rules of the ga me can change at any ti me and without warning. For instance, one day you can reach out to your follo wers, and the next you must pay to reach the m. This is where having your o wn website co mes into play. When using Facebook to pro mote your business, al ways try to point back and link to your o wn website. Don't just build up a follo wing on your Facebook page, but, instead, get the m to also join your e mail list ( which requires you to actu- ally have an e mail list). By engaging the m to your o wn website, you will build up your o wn loyal tribe of follo wers since you o wn your e mail list. Make sure to give your e mail list lots of value. On average, a person will consu me about seven pieces of content fro m a co m- pany before they make a purchase. Going back to the sales funnel, your e mails and website will help push people do wn the funnel to wards making a purchase when done correctly. As you get more sophisti- cated with your website, you can use your e mails to engage with your list at various points of action that they have taken on your site. You can control who you talk to with speci c messages. MIKE ROMANO, STAHLS' TRANSFER EXPRESS B U SI N E S S M A N A G E M E N T & S AL E S How can I improve my sales with an account? Before calling on an account, learn as much about the business as possible. Visit the co mpany website and social media, revie w the account's order history, and analyze buying patterns. Is it seasonal? What type of styles are they buying? What about the colors and size pro le? Then, co mpare your ndings to the portfolio of products you have and, based on your research, can you present any products they aren't buying that would be of bene t? If so, put together a sales pitch for the next meeting to sho w the m why these products would be a good t. GLEN BRUMER, ROYAL APPAREL What is the one thing that will make me most pro table? Count the pieces per hour produced and calculate the difference bet ween selling price and cost of gar ment on every order. Pieces per hour ti mes pro t per piece is the measure. Don't bother with the cost of ink and other supplies, because they are, per ite m printed, minor. With the infor mation gained, you will start to direct your business into the most pro table opportunities. You will nd you make more money printing one color than more colors, and more money printing woven fabrics like piqué rather than ordinary T-shirts. ROGER JENNINGS, R JENNINGS MFG CO. INC Do I need to have a website for my T-shirt business or is my business Facebook page enough? Having a social media presence is al most a must these days, but having your o wn website is just as i mportant. The key is making sure you utilize the m both correctly. Facebook is a good platfor m to reach people. Facebook is where many people are spend- ing their ti me, so you want to be on there and be part of the conversation, making personal connections with your custo mers or potential custo mers. You can also use your Facebook just as i mportant. The key is making sure you utilize the m both correctly.

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