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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 39 the unprinted area of the gar ment, then the ink is not fully cured and the gar ment should be dried longer. Like the stretch test, this test is not totally or al ways accurate. TAYLOR LANDESMAN, LAWSON SCREEN & DIGITAL PRODUCTS Why does my dual-cure emulsion break down with water-based ink? Many people in the screen-printing industry believe the "dual" in dual cure means that this e mulsion is resistant to both solvent and water-based inks. Although many dual cure e mul- sions are resistant to both inks, this state ment is not correct. The "dual" in dual cure means that the e mulsion uses t wo sensitizers. One is already in the e mulsion before mixing, and the other is usually a diazo that is added to the e mulsion by the user. MICK ORR, CHROMALINE SCREEN PRINT PRODUCTS How can you rapidly dry garments screen-printed and direct-to-garment (D2) printed with water-based ink? Screen-printed water-based ink utilizes water as its solvent and so meti mes contains a petro- leu m-based cosolvent to reduce the ti me needed to evaporate the ink's vehicle. Total evapora- tion must occur before the re maining pig ments or dyes can "set" at approxi mately 300 - 330 degrees F. Ho wever, rapid evaporation does not begin until the screen-printed ink reaches 212 degrees F, so a portion of the gar ment's d well ti me in the dryer is spent raising the water te mperature boiling point. Another portion is spent holding it at boiling point until all water/solvent has evaporated, and only the nal fe w seconds are spent actually curing the pig ments or dyes re maining on the gar- ment. Water-based direct-to-gar ment white ink can be even more dif cult to dry because it is inkjet-printed over typically dark fab- ric which has been pretreated with a solu- tion that prevents the water-laden ink fro m soaking into the fabric. Since water sitting on top of pretreat ment has less surface area than wetted fabric, D2 printed white ink takes even longer to evaporate before curing can occur. The ans wer to rapid curing of all water- based coatings is to specify a conveyor dryer with separately controlled heating zones in - Texart series dye-subli mation printers provide non-stop graphics custo mization of sports jerseys, t-shirts, fashion ite ms and more. Discover the right custo mization solution for you at m/apparel True VI S series printers/cutters are ideal for producing short-run, heat transfer graphics for t-shirts, s weaters, backpacks and more. T HE PE RFE CT FIT R OL A N D A P P A REL C UST O MIZ ATI O N

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