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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 41 E M B R OI D E R Y Why should embroiderers pay for high-quality embroidery digitizing? Is it really that important? E mbroidery digitizing is the foundation of your entire e mbroidery production line. The quality of your products hangs largely on the quality of the digitized le. High-quality digitizing uses the least a mount of stitching necessary to achieve coverage, making the designs fast to run and giving the m a nice drape and hand so that they are co mfortable to the wearer. High-quality les are ef cient, esche wing excess motion, color changes, tri ms, and avoiding preventable thread breaks, mak- ing e mbroidery runs faster and less likely to require intervention. High-quality les are more attractive as the best digitizers interpret designs artistically to make the most of the thread as a mediu m, thus increasing the custo mer's perceived value of your work. For all of these reasons, it's prudent to get the best-quality digitizing you can, whether or not it costs more than the average prices seen in advertise- ments. Reduce hassle for your operators, increase your throughput for more work and higher margins, and give your custo mer a co mfortable, attractive decoration that will secure their return work, and your botto m line will re ect the difference. ERICH CAMPBELL, ERICHCAMPBELL.COM Why does my embroidered design look different on the garment than it looks on the screen? E mbroidery is not " What you see is what you get." A screen is digital and co mprised of pixels while an actual e mbroidery has both the di men - sion of the thread and ho w it reacts to the fab- ric to take into consideration. The material will push and pull according to the thread and ten- sion that is being applied. Thicker and stretchy materials will push and pull more than thinner and stable materials. The co mpensation for these fabrics occurs at the digitizing level. ED LEVY, HIRSCH SOLUTIONS INC Acco m modate for a fabric's push and pull when digitizing to get better results. (I mage courtesy Hirsch Solutions Inc)

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