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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 43 How can I create more appealing designs with transfer paper? The easiest and least costly way to add ap - peal and increase pro t to gar ments with a heat transferred design is to add metal- lic foil. Si mply place the gar ment onto the heat press bed, place pre-cut foil on top of design/i mage, place parch ment paper on top, and heat press follo wing ti me, te mp, and pressure guidelines based on the type of transfer paper being used. SHELLEY MARKUS, RHINOTECH What is dye sublimation? Dye subli mation may sound inti midating, but it's anything but. In short, subli ma- tion ink can convert fro m a solid to a gas without going through the liquid for m, which allo ws you to apply an i mage to only a manual crank. But, most transfer suppliers will reco m mend application with light, mediu m, or r m pressure. So, what does each one mean? Light pressure is usually be - t ween 25–30 psi if you're using an auto matic heat press. If you're working with a manual heat press, light pressure means the upper platen will be easy to close with just one hand. Mediu m pressure is usually bet ween 32–38 psi if you're using an auto matic heat press. If you're working with a manual heat press, mediu m pressure means the upper platen takes so me effort to close. Typically, you can close it with t wo hands and so me effort. Fir m pres- sure is usually 40 psi or higher if you're using an auto matic heat press. If you're working with a manual heat press, r m pressure means the upper platen is dif cult to close with t wo hands and a lot of muscle. JODY MAZADE, HOWARD CUSTOM TRANSFERS How can I make sure my heat press has even pressure? The key to even pressure is the way the upper platen is engineered. A center-pressure ad - just ment coupled with a oating heat platen ensure "no-pinch" application results. One way to test the pressure is to place paper in all four corners of the press, adjust your pres - sure, and see if any of the corners allo w you to pull out the papers. This is so meti mes called the dollar bill test. CRIS SAUNDERS, INSTA GRAPHIC SYSTEMS 800-826-6332 w w m Find out ho w producing photo quality gifts & a wards can help your business be more profitable... call Condé today! Why shop Condé Syste ms? Condé offers everything you need to get into the personalized photo gift business including: • Dye-Sub Transfer Syste ms • Dye-Sub Ink, Paper & Supplies • Heat Transfer Syste ms • Laser & Ink Jet Transfer Papers • Heat Presses • Blank I mprintable Products • Production Soft ware • Educational Videos • Legendary Technical Support

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