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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 45 Any tips for pretreating smaller garments on a pretreat machine? So me pretreaters will al ways spray the sa me width every ti me. This can be chal- lenging for s maller gar ments where the spray width exceeds the size of the gar ment making it harder to cure the shirt properly and can cause a mess inside of the ma - chine. One good tip is to rotate your shirt 90 degrees on the platen. Then you can use the spray length to control ho w far across it will spray. Another tip is to lay pieces of paper on top of the sides of the gar ment to help block the full spray width on the gar ment. If you are pretreating so mething other than a shirt (e.g., side of the shoe), try loading a junk shirt on the platen rst and then place the ite m on top of it. This will help to absorb the overspray. MARK BAGLEY, BROTHER DTG Will using third-party D2 ink void my printer's warranty? Using "after market" ink may not void your printer's warranty but any da mage to your printer caused by the third-party ink might not be covered. Please check with the manu- facturer of your printer to be sure. MATTHEW RHOME, EPSON Why do you need 40 percent or higher humidity in your D2 print room? First, if the air is too dry it will try to pull moisture fro m your water-based ink, which can in turn cause clogging issues. Second, the proper hu midity keeps your print head fro m overheating. So me operators assu me if they are not having clogging issues their hu midity level is ne. But, in fact, if hu midity is belo w 40 percent, your print head will tend to over- heat. A print head will cool itself by doing repeated auto matic head cleanings to force water (ink) through the head. So, less than proper hu midity will cost you in do wnti me and wasted ink as well. TERRY COMBS, EQUIPMENT ZONE O P E R A T I N G S Y S T E M The wait is over... That's perfor mance. Delivered only by... ARIES 2 847-367-9760 Maxi mu m control over your auto matic screen printing equip ment - right at your ngertips. • More intuitive, cleaner interface designed for ulti mate user-friendliness • Access to full operator's manual, self-diagnostics and maintenance re minders • Save and i m mediately recall all job settings for faster and easier setups

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