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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 47 municate in every business interaction. He validates this state ment with a note about so me of the largest co mpanies kno wn to- day, " Consider this. People ght to apply for roles at Google and Apple. They receive hundreds of applications for each job post- ing and people ght to work at these co m- panies. This is because of the brand they've created." But beco ming the next Google or Apple doesn't happen overnight. Success and recognition of this caliber takes ti me, and once you've deter mined the feel of your co mpany, it should co me out in everything you do fro m custo mer service to internal operations. B R A N D I D E N TI T Y A N D M A R K E TI N G Check U VP off the list; let's talk mission state ments. Acker man encourages busi- ness o wners to "be true, not cheesy" and to hone in on what matters. He advises busi- nesses to ask the mselves these i mportant questions when creating a good mission state ment: • Where do you want your shop to be in 10 years? • What is your co mpany's North Star? • If you're out of the of ce for a month, what would help everyone make the right decision? Whether it's to your custo mers or cur - rent staff, it's the pretty package with the bo w on top that represents your business as a whole. Along with that co mes your brand identi ers and marketing. A good logo is crucial. Keep it si mple and re me m- ber that rst i mpressions do matter. The ele ments that make up a good logo, ac- cording to Entrepreneur magazine's John Willia ms, include: • Uniqueness • Honesty • Si mplicity • Artistic balance Additionally, your logo should look great in black and white and not be reliant on color to convey your brand or business' message correctly. Typeface also plays a huge role in helping to de ne and sho w- case your business. So mething else you You've identi ed your brand or business, ho med in on your target audience, and nailed do wn a logo and mission state ment. might want to consider is creating a tagline that's easy to re me mber and sets the tone for your offerings. Laser Finishing for Textiles and Apparel • Extend product lines with broader capabilities • Increase e ciency with high-speed processing • Eli minate post-processing and boost production • Sophisticated vision syste m for producing ne details w w oteclaser.c o m w w otec- materials.c o m

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