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48 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 B R A N D Y O U R B USI NESS No w, it's ti me to think about broad - casting this infor mation via the right channels. Bro wn says repetitive i magery, print, and digital advertising, as well as regional and nation wide trade sho ws, are so me excellent branding outlets to con- sider. Starting a business can get expen- sive, but these are areas where you can- not cut corners. Leave your custo mer's visual experience in the hands of the professionals and pay for quality pro- motional materials, logo design, as well as a sea mless website. There's al ways go- ing to be co mpetition, and if you don't stick to your brand's message through and through, there's so meone else gain- ing more a wareness and con dence fro m your custo mer base. In 2018, you can't talk about brand a wareness without mentioning social me- dia. In the apparel decoration world, it's especially i mportant to utilize this tool because so much of what's being tossed around and created is visual. Bro wn says online engage ment is equated to ho w business was run years ago when salespeo- ple made daily calls to custo mers to check in, build relationships, and ask for orders. Acker man agrees, noting the critical role social media plays in the long-ter m ga me. Give your custo mers a peek inside the shop or of ce and keep the m in the kno w. K E YS T O S U C C E S S So, ho w does one beco me credible in the eyes of custo mers and generate up ward HOW TO A word on Print wear asked the experts if looking for outside help is a good idea when rst establishing a busi- ness. Here's what they had to say: " When introducing a business idea, second and third opinions help to make sure your idea has substance. Ho wever, having an outside ad or marketing agency can be very expensive when introducing the brand. My suggestion is [to] develop a relationship within the market you are looking to enter and use the tools they provide to help establish your brand." – G R E G B R O W N, Citadel Brands "I wouldn't start there. Only you kno w your co mpany. Create the foundation rst, then let agencies co me in and i mprove/scale your brand." – B R U C E A C K E R M A N, Printavo "So meti mes, retaining the services of a business coach, ad agency, or marketing r m could bring fresh ideas to a mature and tired brand. Consult with your local S mall Business Develop ment Center (SB DC) for lo w-cost or free resources regarding outside consultants and ho w to calculate the return on invest ment for hiring such advisors." – VI N C E DI C E C C O, Your Personal Business Trainer C O N S ULTI N G

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