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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 49 mo mentu m? According to the experts, it in - volves consistency, availability, accountabil- ity, and ti ming. Make sure your logo and message are cohesive across all platfor ms whether it be social media, business cards, your website, pro mo products, or custo mer experience. With that, you must be readily available for any inquiries. That could mean ans wering phones, pro mptly responding to e mails and voice mails, sticking to deadlines and pro mised turnaround ti mes, quick de- livery, 24/7 custo mer support, or ti mely on- line engage ment. Set yourself up for success and be sure all noti cations and alerts are set up so you kno w when custo mers are trying to reach out no matter the route. Additionally, an essential ele ment of any business is accountability. This means kno wing when you're wrong and the cus- to mer is right and being exible to ensure they get what they want, and you offer the right solutions. Ti ming means so many things in the world of business. Beco me fa miliar with the various marketing calendars out there to ensure you're staying ahead of each month's pro motional opportunities. For exa mple, October means you should already be head rst in end-of-year plans and holiday mar- keting ca mpaigns. In entirely other aspects, ti ming means kno wing when things aren't working, and your brand/business needs a facelift. Ti ming also means kno wing when it's ti me to expand your workforce or prod- uct selection, as well as your capabilities. Bro wn and Di Cecco agree that, over ti me, your logo, your marketing message, and even your products can get stale. To further gain credibility, Acker man encourages business o wners to churn out press-related articles to the appropriate channels in the industry, make connec- tions and partnerships with the big guys, present custo mer revie ws and feedback, and let people behind the scenes a little. He says these ele ments are relatively cheap to i mple ment and can help build a sense of trust with your custo mers. He encourages business o wners to, " Keep pushing for ward for the long ter m. This isn't a one- month or one-year ga me; it's a 20-year-plus ga me. Keep docu menting, evolving, i mproving your experience, gaining more revie ws, and creating better social content." (I mage courtesy Stephen Till, A S mall Print Shop)

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