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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 51 So ho w can you give your audience what they want and adjust your shop's marketing efforts to make the m more in line with our tech-loving world? AL W AYS S H O W, D O N' T T ELL One of the key co mponents of content marketing is storytelling. This is not a ne w concept, but you may think, " Ho w a m I supposed to apply this concept of content marketing and storytelling to my personal - ization business? I just make shirts and hats." It's not easy, it takes ti me to see results, it de mands planning, and it requires heart. It dictates that you really care about your audience and understand that the business- costu mer relationship is a t wo- way street. Let me break do wn an exa mple. Our screen printing and e mbroidery business catered to a lot of the sa me types of folks and organizations: schools, churches, sports tea ms, and local businesses. We had a hand- ful of non-pro ts and fa milies affected by medical circu mstances that ordered fre - quently, and often they would get sent our way by other custo mers that were involved in these organizations. Over ti me, we took so mething big a way fro m this observation. Everyone we printed shirts for kne w so meone else that was in need of shirts, and the co m munity we were cultivating was talking about us. And they weren't just talking about us in casual con - versation. They were bringing us up online. They were tagging and checking in to our business and sharing pictures of the nished products on social media. Each custo mer ca me to us for different reasons, and once we beca me involved, we slo wly beca me a part of their story, and they beca me a part of ours. In ter ms of market- ing po wer, this realization was huge, and Subli mate Your World SEE T HE VJ1948 WX I N ACTI O N AT S GI A, B O OT H 900 Mutoh's dye-subli mation fa mily just got bigger and faster with the ne w four-head ValueJet 1948 W X printer. With blazing fast print speeds up to 2,199 sqft/hr, highest quality engineering and Mutoh S mart Printing Technologies, you can create custo m apparel, pro motional ite ms, flags and much more quickly and easily!

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