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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 53 4. Give, and then you will receive. Find ways to harvest trust a mong your audi - ence and motivate your custo mers to en- gage with your content (and your busi- ness as a whole). And yes, this may re- quire spending a little money. Conduct givea ways on social media to get your cli- ents excited about your brand and keep the m co ming back for more. I mple ment coupons or offer gifts to custo mers that spend over a certain a mount, then ask the m to post about their free gift on social so you can share their experience with your follo wers. Start a frequent buyer or re wards progra m for your most loyal or frequent clients. 5. Listen and learn fro m your audience. Not totally sure what your audience is looking for? Create content that asks the m what they'd like to see or what they would like to learn more about. When your follo wers provide you with ans wers, they are giving you a gift. No w give the m more of what they want, and they'll continue to do the sa me for you. 6. Make your audience a part of your brand's story. Re me mber that content marketing is rooted in storytelling, so don't forget your main characters. Highlight your custo mers and the work they do outside of spending money at your business. Feature the m on your blog and in your e mails. S mall ges- tures, such as sending a congratulatory e mail when their business succeeds, will do wonders establishing trust and strengthening relationships with those that keep the money rolling in for you. Content marketing is all about sho wing you care about your clients. Don't pass up any opportunities to re mind the m ho w grateful you are for their business. Content marketing doesn't have to be dif cult, but it does need to be thoughtful. Al ways re me mber to keep your audience in mind when creating content of interest and you will reap the bene ts of this ne w mar- keting strategy.

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