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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 55 cover the revision cost, or the cost will have to be broken do wn into the shirt or- der to cover the ti me it will take to revise the art work. So me clients may not want to cover this cost, or it may not be worth it if the job is too s mall. But, anyti me the nal product can be made more appeal- ing to wear and better overall, the printer is creating a higher level of trust with their custo mers by sho wing that they care ho w the print will perfor m after it leaves the shop. Clients that take a printer up on the revision will no doubt appreciate the consideration and enjoy the lighter gar- ments much more every ti me they wear the m. In this way, a correction to art work that makes the nal order better for the custo mer is potentially pro table in mul- tiple ways. E F F E C TI V ELY P R O O FI N G J O B S For those of you that have been screen printing for a nu mber of years, you will probably recall that a proof of a screen- printed job used to be a clunky process where the l ms were stacked on top of each other and checked to see if they lined up and if areas were missing. With co m- puters, it is quite a bit easier to proof a job, but a surprising nu mber of printers skip this process and just produce screens with- out a proof. What can happen then is that errors are not discovered until the job is on the press with everything ready to go. To create more pro t by proo ng jobs, it is i mportant that this step is done for any job of suf cient co mplexity ( more than three colors). When this process is co m- pleted consistently, a large percentage of errors are caught before they are on screen and each job will process more con dent- ly. If proo ng is done well, even co mplex jobs will set up quickly and print without major adjust ments. Although you will not get 100 percent success on all jobs, there is no reason that above 90 percent shouldn't process through your production without separation or screen revisions. Need nancing options? Whether you are buying or selling – we offer fast nancing for a fast world. 877-786-5327 | print m m/ Print wear © 2018 CIT Group Inc. All rights reserved. CIT and Direct Capital and their logos are registered trade marks of CIT Group Inc. CIT Bank, N. A. is a sibsidary of CIT Group Inc. Direct Capital is a Division of CIT Bank, N. A. Not all applicats will qualify for nancing. All nance progra ms and rates are subject to nal approval by Direct Capital, and are subject to change at any ti me without notice. Speed and perfor mance subject to applicant's local connectivity and other factors outside of Direct Capital's control. FINANCING AS ESSENTIAL AS INK.

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