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56 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 Proo ng jobs can be acco mplished eas- ily in Corel D R A W or Photoshop using a variety of the tools available. In Corel- D R A W, you can proof the separations as you print the m out using the print previe w dialog and rapidly ipping back and forth through your separations to see if anything is wrong. In Photoshop, you can create your separations in alpha channels with the ink colors set as channel options and literally recreate a si mulation of the nal print in the soft ware. This is a big help to see if areas are going to work well or if there is an issue with the separations. U SI N G T R A P PI N G A N D G U T T E R S The proper use of trapping and gutters can make printers more pro t by avoiding is - sues before they happen. The best way to ac- co mplish this step is to rst deter mine your opti mal trapping needs on your equip ment. If you print a kiss-registered separation that is large, round, and close to the maxi mu m printed area available, you will get an idea of ho w much your printing process needs to co mpensate to avoid prints where the underbase sho ws where it shouldn't be or where colors don't line up and gaps in the print look bad. The key to doing this well is to trap just enough. Other wise, the print may bleed or beco me discolored in the overlapping areas. A gutter is a ter m used to describe a s mall line that is cut in an underbase that helps avoid bleeding bet ween t wo colors that will touch on top of the underbase. This can save money and headaches by helping the ink stop where it should and not bleed into other colors. If it is produced properly it is not noticeable in the nal print and bleeding is controlled without ex- tra ashes being added. Both trapping and gutters are pro table art processes to master and apply consis- tently to art work that will save a lot of pro- duction ti me. Even if you use the m already, it can pay to revisit the methods that are used to create the m in your shop so that it C RE ATE P R O FI T A BL E P RI N T S Adjusting dot gain properly adds to pro t by avoiding costly press adjust ments, screen and separation edits, and it helps the printer con- trol variables related to dot gain. A gutter is a s mall line cut in an under- base to help avoid bleeding bet ween t wo colors that will touch on top of the underbase. HOW TO

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