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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 57 is understood ho w to create the m as quickly as possible while keeping the m invisible in the nal prints. A D J U S TI N G F O R D O T G AI N Halftones can save money by creating extra values of colors while avoiding ex- tra screens, but they can create proble ms if the issue of dot gain isn't addressed. Dot gain happens when a screen print has a halftone pattern that starts out at a certain percentage and then rapidly be- co mes a heavier percent of coverage and/ or so meti mes lls in co mpletely as it is printed in volu me. All screen prints will experience so me level of dot gain. There are many reasons for this. Co m mon reasons include poor screen tension, excessive pressure during printing, ink that is too thin, too at a squeegee angle while printing, and mul- tiple print passes. The key to controlling dot gain is to control the printing vari- ables and then understand your produc- tion's level of dot gain that needs to be adjusted in the art work and separations prior to creating the screens. When the dot gain is adjusted before making the screens, the print will gain the expected percentage on the nal print and then stabilize for the duration of the print run. The way that adjusting dot gain prop - erly adds to pro t is in avoiding costly press adjust ments, screen and separation edits, and in helping the printer control all the printing variables related to dot gain, which increases all printing quality in the shop on every order. M O R E P RI N T S F O R M O R E P R O FI T S Controlling si mple art and separation el - e ments can help you realize more pro ts fro m your printing. The more you practice with these steps and de ne the variables in your shop, the more you can see exactly ho w much money you will keep after each week. These steps can save money on each job, but the real pro t is seen when ti me is saved in transition bet ween multiple jobs and tracked over a longer period. Hiking Boots Outer wear Shirts Bags Accessories PPAI# 675752 212.221.6 06 0 Backpacker m MarleneS m ASI# 48746 D i s c o v e r Y o u r In n e r O u t d o o r s Est. 1976 Al bac ore S t r e t c h Fla n nel 97 % Co mbed Co on Flannel 3 % Spandex

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