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62 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8 T here is a stitching technique that will give your e mbroidered ani - mals and birds the realistic ap - pearance of fur or feathers. And more and more designs using the brushed wool effect are co ming onto the market, so you don't want to be the last to learn ho w to incorporate this unique technique. Here is a step-by-step explanation of ho w to turn your ani mal friends fro m at to furry. To acco mplish this unique e mbroidery, you will need heavy, 12- weight e mbroi- dery thread; 100/16 sharp needles; stabi- lizer; adhesive spray; and a stiff wire brush. These fe w supplies, when applied to a design that has been digitized with brushing in mind, will result in e mbroidered designs that si m- ply call out for petting. S T E P B Y S T E P When you prepare to e mbroider, it is suggested that you use a te m- porary spray adhesive to hold your stabilizer and fabric together. Hooping the fabric and stabilizer together in this way will help to keep the fabric i m mobile and the design in register. Because of the heavier weight of the thread, we suggest you use a 100/16 sharp needle. Before you begin stitching, slightly loosen the tension of your top thread. Create Fur and Feather Effects with E mbroidery B Y AL I C E WO L F vision production. E mail her at awolf @ m. Alice Wolf is the marketing co m- munications manager for Madei - ra USA. Her marketing expertise developed through acco mplish- ments in publishing, public rela - tions and sales within the fields of art, ho me decor, fil m and tele- This beautifully digi- tized o wl has not yet been brushed. No- tice the long manual stitches that appear on its head and chest. ( All i mages courtesy Madeira US A) HOW TO

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