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C O M M O N T H RE A DS 2800 West Midway Blvd., Broo m eld, Colorado, 80020 (800) 669-0424 • (303) 469-0424 • FAX (303) 469-5730 w w w. pri nt we ar m m Publisher STAC Y M A RS H ALL s marshall @nb m Executive Editor C A RLY H OLL M A N choll man @nb m Associate Editor MI C H AEL CL A R K mclark @nb m Digital Content Editor ALE X A N D RI A A R R OY O aarroyo @nb m Art Director E RI K W O GE N e wogen @nb m Graphic Designer D AY NE PILL O W dpillo w @nb m Advertising Account Executive DESI REE DELF R A RI ddelfrari @nb m Advertising Account Executive DI A NE GIL BE RT dgilbert @nb m Advertising Account Executive A N N A STETTLE R astettler @nb m Sales Support JE N NIFE R AL GE R jalger @nb m E DI T O RI AL A D VI S O R Y B O A R D L O N WI NTE RS R AY S MIT H JE N NIFE R C OX E RI C H C A MP BELL M ATT HE W R H O ME B RI A N W AL KE R C RIS S A U N DE RS SE A N STE W A RT D A N K A NE M A R K B A GLE Y Vice President / Events S UE H UE G, CE M, C MP susan @nb m Senior Trade Sho w Sales Manager K ATIE DITALL O kditallo @nb m Education Manager A NT OI NETTE VE R N O N avernon @nb m N A TI O N A L B USI N ESS M E DI A, I N C. President & C E O R O BE RT H. WIE BE R J R. Vice President / Integrated Media J O H N BE N NETT Vice President / Publishing & Markets D AVE P O ME R OY Vice President / Finance K O RI G O N Z ALES, CPA Vice President / Audience L O RI FA RSTA D Director of Technical Services W OLF B UTLE R Please recycle this magazine Quick Lessons fro m this issue: Though so me professionals may see the s welling ranks of 'prosu mers' as a threat, treated correctly, there's an opportunity for a sy mbiotic relationship bet ween traditional, established shops and the host of s mall- capacity decorators entering the market today. ( P A GE 2 4 ) The reality is that in a mediu m-sized order (less than 1 0 0 pieces), there is a distinct advantage to si mplifying the job fro m an art standpoint because, in screen printing, a job that has a s maller a mount of ink coverage tends to last longer, cause less disco mfort to the person wearing it, and cost the printer less in ink. ( P A GE 5 4 ) The context of your About Us page should basically present who you are, what you do, your qualifications, and why you're the expert in just a paragraph or t wo. ( P A GE 3 2 ) W elco me to the Recognized Industry Sup- plier Guide! This mega issue is your map to the best suppliers in the industry, fro m apparel to equip ment, accessories, services, and more. On top of that, this issue also includes the annual Q & A Troubleshooting Guide and Ho w-to Handbook. So, whether you're looking to brand your business (page 46), i mprove profitability (page 54), eli minate ghosting issues (page 66), or experi ment with a ne w technique (page 62), there's coverage for you. It's our hopes that this issue will stay on your shop desk throughout the year to provide a wealth of kno wledge and resources at your ngertips. And if our Q & A inspires so me of your o wn questions, please shoot the m our way! We have the best sources in the industry, many who you will see within these pages, so we can help get you the ans wers you need! Just e mail us at p weditor @nb m. Who kno ws, you may even see your question in our daily ne wsletter as well! The Big One Carly Holl man c h oll m a n @ n b m.c o m 6 || P RI N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 01 8

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