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2 01 8 O C T O B E R P RI N T W E A R || 83 A AQUASEA Manufacturer in APPAREL AND SUBSTRATES COMPANY SAYS: Since 1995, Aquasea has been co m mitted to manufacturing apparel with a reduced i mpact on the environ ment. We use eco-friendly fibers, less water, less energy, and local manufacturing for an overall s maller carbon footprint. 19060 S Do minguez Hills Dr Rancho Do minguez, CA 90220-6404 m 310-747-3999 ARJO WIGGINS USA Distributor in HEAT-APPLIED GRAPHICS EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES, SUBLIMATION EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES COMPANY SAYS: Arjowiggins Graphic, the new division that brings together recycled, coated and uncoated papers under one roof, is the developer of innovative, recycled and eco-responsible papers that are unequaled in levels of quality and perfor mance. 1200 High Ridge Rd Sta mford, CT 06905-1223 m 203-674-6700 ARLINGTON SE WING MACHINE Distributor in BUSINESS RESOURCES/SERVICES, EMBROIDERY EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES COMPANY SAYS: We carry a co mplete line of books, notions, accessories, stabilizers, threads, and parts. We also have a wonderful, knowledgeable staff of instructors and technicians to help you with your needs. 308 W Main St Arlington, TX 76010 m 817-460-4992 AR MADILLO PHOTO/GRAPHIC SUPPLY Distributor in SUBLIMATION EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES COMPANY SAYS: Ar madillo Photo Supply is currently supplying top-quality products fro m EPSON, Canon, Pre mier-Art, Ink Press, and more. Distributor of professional wide-for mat inkjet equip ment and supplies. 9777 W Gulf Bank Ste B600 Houston, TX 77040 m 800-762-8088 · 713-937-8442 ART BRANDS LLC Manufacturer/Distributor in HEAT-APPLIED GRAPHICS EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES COMPANY SAYS: We are manufacturers of stock and custo m heat transfers, to be printed onto apparel and gifts. Our unique printing methods are known and loved worldwide. 225 Business Center Dr Blacklick, OH 43004 m 877-755-4278 · 614-755-4278 ART WORK PLANET Service Provider in BUSINESS RESOURCES/SERVICES COMPANY SAYS: Our mission is to supply every custo mer with the best quality, affordable, production-ready custo m artwork right on ti me. 3015 Blackthorn Way Rich mond, VA 23233 m 877-272-5291 · 863-272-9787 AS COLOUR Manufacturer/Distributor in APPAREL AND SUBSTRATES COMPANY SAYS: AS Colour designs and manufactures quality basics. We only design and produce pre miu m apparel that will stand the test of ti me. 1450 Charles Willard St Carson, CA 90746-4010 m 213-213-5531 704.827.4311 | 877.200.7070 a �e���.co � Visit at VE G AS Booth 3853 Since 1891 T HRE A D E M BR OI DERY PRE MI U M

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