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16 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 High-Pressure Oil Gallery Cleaning System Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders, Winona, Minnesota, introduces an exclusive High-Pressure Oil Gallery Cleaning System. Designed to aggressively clean oil galleries in most engines, the tool incorporates the aggressive cleaning action of stainless steel wire brushes with the hydro action of a water manifold plus shop air to quickly clean oil gallery holes. Air/water outlet holes are drilled in a spiral pattern to create a swirling effect to increase the wand's cleaning power. The standard kit includes a 36-inch-long, stainless steel cleaning wand with ergonomically designed billet aluminum grip and three stainless steel brushes. Weld-Through Primer SEM Products Inc., Rock Hill, South Carolina, presents all-new Zincweld aerosol primer, the latest in its weld-through primer line. Formulated to deliver best-in-class corrosion protection, the proprietary formula minimizes the heat-affected zone (HAZ), demonstrably reducing weld spatter and minimizing post-weld grinding and clean up. Zincweld provides three-fold corrosion protection through enhanced adhesion to bare metal, an all-zinc formula and high film build. It is compatible with MIG and STRSW welding. Portable Evaporative Coolers Portacool, Center, Texas, offers the new Portacool Jetstream 220, part of the Portacool Jetstream series of portable evaporative coolers. Designed as a powerful and adaptable solution for small or hard-to-cool spaces, the Jetstream 220 features oscillating louvers to distribute cooling to up to 700 square feet with 2,400 CFM. Additionally, the cooler is equipped with Kuul Comfort MicroTech evaporative media, made in the USA exclusively for Portacool products. SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Mobile 2-Post Lift MAHA USA, Pinckard, Alabama, presents its FHB 6500 Mobile 2-Post Lift. The battery-operated, completely mobile automotive lift can be moved from bay to bay, indoors or outdoors. It raises vehicles weighing up to 6,500 pounds to a lifting height of 6.4 feet, providing technicians with comfortable access. The FHB 6500 requires minimal maintenance and no periodic adjustments. Choose special adapters to allow lifting of unique vehicle configurations. Nitrogen Fill Tool Assembly BILSTEIN, Poway, California, introduces its new Nitrogen Fill Tool Assembly for shock absorbers. The compact assembly is used for charging customer-serviceable and take- apart dampers with nitrogen during servicing. It works with all customer- serviceable/take-apart BILSTEIN products including, but not limited to, AS2, SN2, SNS2, SNS3, XVA, XVS and MDS. Lightweight and easy to install and operate, the assembly has a nitrogen actuation valve with knurled knob that controls nitrogen flow between the shock and tool manifold. Performance Over 200 Applications In Stock & Ready to Ship! Easiest Way to Upsell Tires and Wheels! BODY LIFTS

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