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AUGUST 2018 THE SHOP 17 W hen discussing the performance and popularity of their products, clutch makers have plenty of log- ical and persuasive reasons why the market continues to show impressive holding power. But in the end, it always comes down to feel. Drivers love the feeling of piloting a manual transmission, whether it be down the track or up a winding mountain road. It's at the root of why many enthusiasts enjoy the automotive lifestyle. Sure, fewer new vehicles come with manual transmissions these days. But the popularity of engine swaps and the trend toward making older vehicles better than new are presenting plenty of opportunities for shops that cater to the third pedal. Here are the thoughts of several clutch manufacturers, commenting on their latest products and ways to improve the overall customer experience. CENTERFORCE CLUTCHES Prescott, Arizona Will Baty Our hottest clutch product for the per- formance aftermarket is … … our new TRIAD triple disc clutch assembly. Its best features include … … light weight, excellent drivability, quality construction and hardware, and it's made in the USA. An important tip for shops looking to select the proper clutch for each cus- tomer's application is … … know the overall intended use of the vehicle and the driving style of the cus- tomer. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the performance clutch market is … … aftermarket hydraulic release systems. Take the time to learn the pros and cons with every system. Know the overall travel of the bearing (forward and rearward travel) and, more importantly, know what your clutch will require for proper release and wear. Most aftermarket hydraulics are a fixed system, so after some time you will need to pull the transmission back down to readjust the bearing to prevent pre-load. The future of the performance clutch market remains bright because … … the performance of today's vehicles and Celebrating the The clutch market continues to show impressive holding power. ird Pedal When selling clutches and kits, take the time to learn the pros and cons of every system. (Photo courtesy Center- force Clutches)

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