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18 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 the fun that comes with driving them. Hey, we all like performance, and with all the choices for aftermarket performance parts the demand continues to grow. Most of us like to modify and test what the vehicle and ourselves can do (myself included) and nothing beats rolling through the gears to put a big smile on your face. MCLEOD RACING Anaheim, California Krista Baldwin Creative Director Our hottest clutch product for the per- formance aftermarket is … … definitely our RXT. The clutch is able to withstand a substantial amount of horse- power for the street and the track yet is still reasonably priced. Its best features include … … the RXT is equipped with ceramic-lined discs that provide smooth engagement and a well-designed pressure plate that provides lighter-than-stock pedal effort. This is per- fect for street enthusiasts as well as taking it to the track. It is able to withstand up to 1,000 hp. An important tip for shops looking to select the proper clutch for each cus- tomer's application is … … listening to what the customer wants to do with their vehicle and what modifica- tions they will want to do at the time or down the road. We want to equip them with the best match and we want to take into consideration how they will use the clutch. Some clutches are meant for the street rather than the track and vice versa. Granted, we do offer a few clutches that work for both, but it's really up to what the customer wants. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the performance clutch market is … … horsepower. Nowadays, finding more horsepower is easy. Customers are able to create more power with less money. With our clutches, we stay in a reason- able price range to manage that power to the tires. Let's be real—you can have all the horsepower you want from the motor, but that power has to be transferred. If you The goal of modern clutches is to get today's big horsepower numbers from the engine to the pavement. (Photo courtesy McLeod Racing) Other factors that impact clutch feel and performance include the flywheel, gearing and vehicle weight. (Photo courtesy SPEC Clutches and Flywheels) Celebrating the ird Pedal

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