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22 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 horsepower (600 hp for forced induction/ nitrous), the pressure plate offers 30-percent more clamping force than stock and a sin- tered metallic disc friction surface is used for smoother engagement during vehicle launch. An upgraded eight-spring disc hub with polyurethane-encapsulated damper springs handles three-times the shock load over stan- dard disc springs, and all Street 650 clutch kits come complete with pressure plate, disc, throwout bearing and alignment tool. An important tip for shops looking to select the proper clutch for each cus- tomer's application is … … first would be the intended use (all- street, street and track, or all-track use) and next would be what pedal feel the customer is hoping for. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the performance clutch market is … … whether or not a manual transmission is available for a certain vehicle, along with the advent of 8- and 10-speed automatic transmissions. The future of the performance clutch market remains bright because … … the availability of manual transmission options on new cars and trucks, along with having several companies that specialize in manual transmission conversions for vehicles with late-model and conven- tional engine swaps. With Hays' current growth strategy, we will keep introducing the clutches customers need to keep grippin' and rippin' the pavement. EXEDY GLOBALPARTS Belleville, Michigan James Young Sales Manager Our hottest clutch product for the per- formance aftermarket is … … our new Twin Disc Organic series kits for the Evo 8, 9, 10, Subaru WRX STI and Acura NSX. Celebrating the ird Pedal

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