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AUGUST 2018 THE SHOP 23 Its best features include … … these kits offer direct fitment with super-smooth engagement, light pedal effort, 215mm Organic Sprung Hub friction discs and a one-piece chromoly lightweight flywheel. The organic-faced dampened clutch disc provides great half-engagement with outstanding torque-holding capacity. An important tip for shops looking to select the proper clutch for each customer's application is … … always choose a clutch based on the vehicle's torque output and the custom- er's intended use of the vehicle. Under- standing these factors is very important in finding the right fit to create a happy expe- rience for the customer. Clutch selection should always be based on torque output, not vehicle horsepower. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the performance clutch market is … … the first is the decline in the number of new vehicles being manufactured with a traditional manual transmission option. The second is the proliferation of Chi- nese copies (knockoffs) being passed off as performance clutches. The average customer isn't normally familiar enough with the product to know the difference between a copy and a genuine product, so they usually don't find out until after they've purchased one and it has failed. This generates a very bad experience for the customer and hurts the reputation of the brand. In addition, it has the potential to create some dangerous scenarios for drivers if the clutch fails. The future of the performance clutch market remains bright because … … Americans love our performance vehi- cles and having a manual-drive transmis- sion gives us that level of control that we're just not ready to give up. The product will see some changes as we go forward, but as long as that demand exists, so will perfor- mance clutches. In addition, it's a heck of a feeling when you're on a section of winding road and you're just cycling back and forth through the gears, or on a short straightaway and want to open it up. Clutch selection should always be based on torque output, not vehicle horsepower. (Photo courtesy EXEDY Globalparts)

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