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24 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 By John McCabe I n 1966 at the age of 15, Jack Staggs bought his first car. It was a Beetle that had been rolled. It didn't remain a wreck for long, as Staggs removed the body, had the frame cut shorter, did all the rest of the neces- sary repair work and turned it into a fiberglass dune buggy. It also became the beginning of his career. Having come from a VW/Porsche family, this was not an unexpected entry into the automotive business. Shortly after high school, his career as a Volkswagen and Porsche mechanic continued as his uncle paid him $400 to rebuild a VW engine. While this may sound like a lot of money for a Volkswagen engine rebuild 50 years ago, Staggs explains that "almost all of the parts had to come from the dealer." It was a different time back then and even though Beetles had been in produc- tion for about three decades, there were very few aftermarket parts available. Soon thereafter, he decided to take the only job he's ever had working for someone else. That someone was the legendary George Barris, who hired him to work in his Anaheim shop. Since then, however, it's just been Staggs and his love of Porsches and VWs. HIPPIE CULTURE MEETS OPPORTUNITY It was around this time that Staggs moved out of his family's home and got his own place with his own garage. Customers immediately found him. "People know where you live, and they come knocking at all hours," he says. He rented a garage from a friend at a cost of just $5 a month. Staggs never advertised, yet word of mouth spread about his quality repairs. "I didn't even have a phone; my friends didn't have phones." It was hippie culture and Porsche repair, and the business thrived without Jack Staggs: The Go-To Porsche 356 Guy Longtime California shop serves a loyal niche of Porsche & VW owners. Jack Staggs has made a career out of servicing and restoring Porsche and Volkswagen vehicles in Southern California. "Long-haired hippies" Jack Staggs and Kerry Sink keep customers happy at Jack Staggs' Auto Repair.

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