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26 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 Jack Staggs: The Go-To Porsche 356 Guy to the man who keeps their babies run- ning properly. If you visit the shop, as we did, on a Friday afternoon, you'll find numerous customers/friends just hanging around, having fun and talking Porsche 356s. John Brunkow, an investment banker from Irvine, custom-ordered his beau- tiful 1965 Porsche 356 in 1964 and has owned it ever since. He ordered it special with a sunroof, tinted windows, chrome wheels and leather seats. He purchased the car to be used for special occasions, but eventually it ended up parked for more than a decade. When he took it out of storage 12 years ago, he brought it to Staggs for a refresh and it's been running ever since. With the exception of a fresh paint job, the car is completely original. GET OUT AND DRIVE Staggs prefers cars that are used as daily drivers and doesn't condone keeping vehicles in museums and collections. Part of that preference comes from his business side. About a decade ago, he notes, "a lot of real estate guys and bankers began collecting cars" as a hedge against the failing economy. The collection craze, exacerbated by the economic downturn, forced many daily drivers off the road and into car collections and museums. It cut into the number of Staggs' cus- tomers at the time, but a new genera- tion is helping the market bounce back. People who don't have a lot of money yet still want to own a classic Porsche are looking to buy cars that aren't in great condition, and Staggs is more than willing to help with the upgrades that come after purchase. After starting the business without so much as a telephone (and still without a website), Staggs began advertising in the mid-1990s—sort of. "I took out an ad in the Southern California 356 club magazine, as a way to give back to them," he recalls. He still runs a small black and white ad, featuring the company logo, (a skull and crossbones, integrated with a Porsche logo which, apparently, Porsche has had issues with). TIME TRAVELING Walking into the shop at Jack Staggs' Staggs prefers cars that are used as daily drivers. Customers come from as far away as Seattle and Phoenix to have their vehicles serviced at the San Clemente, California shop. In honor of the Porsche 356, Staggs holds an annual barbecue on the 356th day of the year— smack dab in the middle of the Christmas holiday craziness— to celebrate the shop's unique niche in the automotive aftermarket. The shop is happy to help new Porsche and VW owners build the cars of their dreams.

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