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36 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 AUGUST 2018 Bundles p.36 Fleet Service p.40 Used Cars p. 44 SDHQ p.48 Products p.56 Leadership p.62 L ast month we talked about creating showroom vehicles for car dealerships as a way to promote your products. Now, let's spend some time figuring out which types of products you should install on those vehicles so that they not only stand out in a crowd, but also have enough eye appeal to attract the average buyer. What do we mean when we say package? Well, a package consists of two or more items installed on the same vehicle in order to give it a higher value and/or better curb appeal. PACKAGE DEAL A simple package may consist of window tint and a spoiler. A truck package could include a suspension lift, wheels, tires, step bars, tonneau cover, grille, interior acces- sories and more. It's really up to you, and what you believe would sell well in your area. Start by researching which vehicles are popular in your market. Then figure out a package you could offer for those vehicles to add value and set some apart from the basic stock units. Write out your list of potential accessory upgrades with your normal prices to see what kind of profit you could expect from the package. Look for products that most customers recognize and find appealing, but that may not be available on a lower- end or base-model vehicle. For instance, could you add a remote start and heated seat package to a base vehicle that would normally not be avail- able without the consumer jumping up to a higher trim level and having to spend thousands of dollars more to get additional options they maybe don't want? Also, look at how much the factory is charging for the products you are thinking about packaging together to make sure your pricing is at least reasonably in line. WHAT'S IN A NAME? Once you have figured out the pricing, then figure out how you can market the package. Can you name it? Are you able to make the package more appealing by putting a logo, badge or graphic with the package name somewhere on the vehicle? Or, at least, can you include the package name on the addendum? Giving your package an identity allows consumers to identify with the vehicle as something out of the ordinary. Doing this allows you to be creative and can also add a level of excitement when you and your team are sharing ideas. Please stay away from the overdone names like Custom or Special Edition— these just tell people you decided not to put any thought into your package at all. Instead, have fun with it and make it appealing to you and your customers. Some thoughts include regional references, local landmarks and/or monikers that capture the imagination. NUMBERS GAME Now that you have a name and a rough idea of what you want to charge, look again at the financial numbers of the package. Could you sharpen your pencil a little to offer a discount on this package to the car dealership? 36 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 By Josh Poulson Deliver value to dealership clients by bundling accessories. Your Package Arrived? Has (Photo courtesy Rocky Ridge Trucks)

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