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38 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 We would all love to sell our packaged items for as much as we could get for them indi- vidually, but for a true package to work you need to prove its value to the dealership. One reason why it might make sense to offer the package as a discounted buy is because you are doing multiple things to just one vehicle, so in theory it takes less time. For example, if you are installing three items onto one vehicle, then the labor costs should be lower because you are only handling one vehicle instead of installing different products on three different vehi- cles. Also, depending upon the products, there may be duplicate disassembly, wiring or other work that only needs to be done once. Another way to justify a package discount is through less overhead. Consider: Did you have to pick up and deliver the vehicle ? Did you have an internal work order and also an invoice that needed made? Did you have purchase orders, check-in sheets or labor sheets attached to the vehicle? If so, then all of those things are easier to get done when dealing with one vehicle versus three dif- ferent vehicles. Lastly, think about the overall expense and space it saves when adding multiple items to a single vehicle while it's sitting there anyway. BE A PROMOTER Hopefully now you have an idea for a Has Your Package Arrived? Accessory packages appeal to dealerships looking to set some of their inventory apart. The work doesn't stop when you get those products on a vehicle—be sure to educate salespeople about the benefits the add-on accessories provide, and think of ways to bring attention to them in the showroom. (Photos courtesy Rocky Ridge Trucks)

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