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42 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 that are available today through current providers. A GREAT PLACE TO START ADAS products might make sense as a prominent offering at your shop. And a large and potentially untapped customer source for these accessories are local busi- nesses and municipalities that operate vehicle fleets. Auto Action has expanded its reach to many fleet companies, as we feel they are in immediate need of a lot of these safety products. When a fleet customer purchases a van or transit vehicle, many of the safety items that we see becoming standard on newer vehicles are still lacking—accessories as basic as back-up sensors or cameras. On the roads for hours each day, these drivers are obviously at a higher risk of getting into a crash. Companies are often eager to find ways to protect their employees and reduce losses associated with vehicle accidents. Auto Action first set out to solicit meet- ings with these organizations through the fleet managers at our dealer partners. We saw an immediate spike in the number of inquiries for various ADAS products, as these employers look for ways to keep their drivers and the public safer. POPULAR PRODUCTS Let's talk about existing products. Tradi- tional back-up sensors and back-up cam- eras are available from many different reli- able manufacturers, and I am sure we all have our trusted partners. The advanced technology of some of the newer ADAS offerings is where things can get a little trickier. Systems like radar blind spot, front collision avoidance and lane departure are important products, and the OEMs are helping us by creating brand awareness with consumers. We believe the aftermarket providers have a major challenge due to the fact that this technology has a long way to go (but if you don't believe it will evolve in the blink of an eye, you are certainly mistaken). Understanding that the OE products have the ability to brake the vehicle, for example, while the aftermarket offerings GROUP HUG Reliability and repeatability are more important than price when assessing the value of today's safety accessories. A nationwide movement is bringing additional attention to ADAS accessories in an effort to make driving safer for everyone.

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