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AUGUST 2018 THE SHOP 53 unusual for SDHQ's customers to test-fit what they need on the sales floor. All of these small parts add up to big business, and their availability is a huge advantage over other shops and online, Marselis believes. It also cuts down on the frustration of buying the wrong parts and the hassle of having to return or exchange them. If all the machinery in the shop seems like overkill, it would be if SDHQ didn't laser-cut or machine many of its own brackets, supports and related products. Again, instead of waiting to have them delivered or having to buy large quanti- ties from an outside supplier, it is able to produce its own parts (powder-coating is the only part of the process it doesn't do in-house). As evidenced by the rock sliders and tire carriers on display, there are no size limitations, and it has allowed the shop to develop SDHQ-branded parts and acces- sories. There's a subtle but important difference in the display vehicles SDHQ builds, and that's due to the parts it manufactures. The shop's display vehicles aren't meant to just showcase parts from vendors; they are used to accurately measure and test-fit parts created in-house. Using these trucks, Jeeps and SUVs to gauge how easily its parts can be installed and how well they 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE WITH UPDATED DATA AVAILABLE THROUGH SEMA DATA CO-OP & DCI

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