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62 THE SHOP AUGUST 2018 EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from "Improving Workplace Inter- action: Pinpoint Leadership Skill Develop- ment Training Series," (Majorium Busi- ness Press, Stevens Point, WI 2011). O ngoing interaction with employees is the active practice of visible lead- ership. Leaders cannot lead from their office. They must continually be in the midst of their employees, seeing for themselves what is happening and what is holding their unit back. Frontline guiding and directing is a crit- ical concept for leaders to understand and apply. In order for employees to be com- fortable with change and transformation within their organization and the constant risk-taking that goes with it, leaders must be ever-present to train, direct and reassure each individual member. They must be there to cheer every accom- plishment, no matter how small. This can only be done successfully when leaders are continually involved in their employees' daily activities. Practical leadership demands that leaders have an active, ongoing presence within their organizational units. This presence creates a visible strength achieved through openly and consistently interacting with all employees. When leaders develop an interactive pres- ence and work to achieve active visibility, they can fully apply their leadership skills and capabilities. Effective interaction allows leaders to: UNDERSTAND FRUSTRATIONS Only when leaders are constantly inter- acting with their employees can they fully understand the daily frustrations they are Visible Leadership Interaction is a necessary component of a vibrant workplace. By Timothy F. Bednarz Ongoing in- teraction with employees is the active practice of visible leader- ship.

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