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12 • RV PRO • February 2019 rv-pro.com R V M A N U F A C T U R E R S Vision, Emblem Power Gas Offerings Entegra's gas offerings consist of two Class A products: the Vision and the Emblem, and a trio of Class C's: the Odyssey, the Esteem and the Qwest. The models – which range from 22 feet in length up to 36 feet – are built in the same plants and on the same chassis as their Jayco counterparts. "The differentiation between the products are about as dra- matic as you want to go; you don't want to get too far out of the price point," Brady says. "We can add a lot of things to them, but we added just enough to make a big enough price point so that they kind of stair step." For example, Jayco's entry-level Class C unit is the Redhawk SE, a model that retails for nearly $80,000. The next unit up is the $120,000 Greyhawk, leaving a gap that Entegra's Odyssey – retailing at slightly more than $90,000 – now fills quite handily. Still, when it was announced Jayco would be offering more gas coaches, albeit under a different brand, there were reserva- tions among the manufacturer's dealer network, Brady acknowl- edges. After all, customers already could choose between seven Class C's and two Class A's. "Jayco is a 50-year-old company and there were some long- time Jayco dealers that were not going to be happy, but (we were) transparent with them and explained why we were doing what we were doing," Brady says. "It wasn't to take business from them." That's why Entegra was very selective in its approach to adding new dealerships. "There are probably 170 to 180 Jayco motorized dealers. We've got about 40 Entegra gas dealers. We're not dropping them in to saturate what we've got. It's about being strategic and specific on where we need to be and not hurt ourselves," Brady says. So what makes an Entegra gas coach different? It's really is all about the details, according to Brady. "The front caps are very distinctive, they have higher-end paint schemes, a little more raised stainless in the design on some things and very similar approach on the interiors. Hard- woods, different flooring, more of the high-end stuff," he says. "From the outside you'll definitely tell the difference between the Jaycos and the Entegras." Eventually, Entegra gas models will be more than just upgraded and rebadged Jayco units, but engineering constraints means that won't happen until the 2020 model year. From left to right, Walters, Brady and LaPray are pictured inside a Cornerstone, Entegra's flagship diesel pusher, which is equipped with plenty of high-tech features, including a digital dashboard, infotainment system and premium sound system. PHOTO BY STEVE TOEPP/ MIDWEST PHOTOGRAPHICS

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