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62 • RV PRO • February 2019 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S Transparency is Key Brenner says the big thing consumers want to know – especially in RV industry – is: "'Can I afford it? If I submit my infor- mation to you and want a price, can I even afford it? ... That is the information I need to make an actionable decision. If with- held, I'm hesitant to make that decision.' "Millennials don't do anything that's not transparent. If you want to connect with them and not push them away, then providing information is what they want," he adds. "Not just product discovery. Price discovery is equally important. We help facilitate that, which helps bring the consumer farther along in the process, rewarding the dealer for communicating." Brenner says a common miscon- ception is that something has to be the lowest price in order for customers to buy it. Brenner says data shows it's not the lowest price, but how a customer is treated, that matters most to them. "Experience trumps price if the price is reasonable," he says. Yet another factor in closing the sale is the dealer response time. "The faster the response time, the higher probability they're going to get the sale. Whoever responds faster has a higher chance of getting the sale," Brenner says. "We see data in our system all the time. The ones who respond very quickly have a higher close rate than those waiting two to three days." Amber Friedman, an "ambassador of fun" at Texas-based multi-store Explore USA RV Supercenter, says the fact that all of Rollick's tools are mobile-friendly has really helped her communicate with her customers. "I can send the pricing from my phone in less than five minutes. Customers are looking online at multiple websites at once and sending multiple requests. Typ- ically, the person who makes contact first gets the business," she says. Friedman adds that the ability to send a price certificate attached to the name of the organization the customer already belongs to or works for and trust is just another way Rollick's programs have increased her leads and closings. Friedman says that within the past month, more than half the people she sold RVs to were leads from Rollick. Affinity Groups Power Sales The third layer is Rollick's power through relationships with affinity groups. "This is (an area) where a dealer is more likely to leverage power," Brenner says, noting that Rollick works with more than 2,000 employers, including big names like Progressive Insurance and State Farm, which combined represent more than 25 million employees. "We understand employee benefits and pricing and connect them with man- ufacturers and dealers we work with," Brenner says. "Dealers provide a greater level of service to those consumers we're bringing in with more trust and a higher close rate. We tell a State Farm member or employee of Haliburton to work with a dealer in our network and we'll give you something special. We can create more sales opportunities for manufacturers and dealers. "Equally important, this leads to a higher degree of customer satisfaction and, therefore, loyalty," he adds. "It's about the sale and keeping customers happy. It's what we focus on for OEMs and dealers." Having already brought this kind of expertise to the auto industry, expanding service to the RV industry represented a natural step, according to Brenner. "Auto has grown more than these subsets (RV, marine, powersports), in terms of marketing and growing sales. We worked with a lot of member groups and many said, 'Can you do that for boats? Powersports? RVs?' and the answer was always 'No.' "These manufacturers and dealers need help and eventually will get where automotive is," Brenner says. "We've been a part of the auto story, now we can bring the right tools and commu- nication skills to these industries. We know what we're doing. We've done it in auto. We have affinity relationships we can bring to the industry." Rollick CEO Bernie Brenner and his team are taking what they've learned from the auto industry and applying it to the RV, marine and powersports industries to create a more seamless experience from manufacturer to dealer to customer, closing the gap between the auto market and the smaller niche markets.

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