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2019 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 13 2019 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 13 GETTING STARTED The first rule of working with sports teams might be 'know thy customer.' When you are considering making a design less boring, or at least more interesting, it is critical to know if you are creat- ing a problem instead of solving one. Some customers are the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' type that is rarely in the mood for anything unique. The first step in approaching a client with a new design style is to open a conversation about it. Often bringing it up in a no-risk manner can really help. For the first effort maybe they don't pay for the artwork (if that makes sense on the order). This can be a valu- able marketing expense because, even though it isn't free, doing proactive artwork can generate all kinds of extra business through additional projects and ideas if they like the results. If it doesn't make sense for your company to absorb the art cost, then it is important to have a discussion prior to starting any work. You don't want to obligate the client to art charges without them agreeing. To minimize the cost, sometimes an outline or pencil rough can work to get an order commitment. MODERN DESIGN STYLES TO CONSIDER These ideas are hardly scratching the surface of new template styles that could be used, and it makes sense for every company to re- search their own markets and customers to see what additional ideas might work. Every template will have clients that will not like it, and every style has a team that will think it is the greatest thing ever printed, so make sure you have a good selection that fits your clients. The following four templates have been shown to have consis- tently high approval ratings and good reorder potential. If these ideas are presented well, they could offer your clients some new ideas and create new business at the same time.

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