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2019 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 15 2019 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 15 THE VERTICAL FORMAT DESIGN One of the popular alternative looks in modern T-shirt design is to move away from the design in the center of the garment and to create a side print that runs up the garment vertically. The different orientation of the graphic is appealing to teams because it typically allows the name to be printed much larger using the majority of a screen printing area to create a bigger impression. The vertical design can have the team name stacked or turned on its side, depending on what looks the best and can still be legible. To make this style the most appealing, it is a good idea to choose fonts that will work well in a vertical format. Styles that are blocky and based on a square will usually stack the best in- stead of script or ornate gothic fonts which will quickly become illegible. If the print area will be too large then sometimes it makes sense to add a pattern or turn the name into an outline to avoid the print being too heavy on the shirt. MULTIPLE LOCATIONS Out of the templates listed, this idea gets the most negative feedback from printers. Clients, on the other hand, generally love the look. The main drawback to printing an order with multiple locations is that every location creates an additional setup versus printing another shirt. This can create havoc with pricing and with production backlog. It is a small wonder that many printers will avoid this type of decoration. This style of decoration takes some creative planning and production abili- ties, but the printer that can consistently achieve this look will win a lot of clients. GAME WINNING MATERIALS EVERY JOB, EVERY FABRIC, EVERY UNIFORM. At STAHLS' we oer durable, abrasive-resistant materials for your sport uniform needs. We have the right material, no matter the sport or the fabric. CHECK OUT THE FULL LINE OF GAME WINNING MATERIALS AT PW0219 | 800.478.2457 | 800.521.4384

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