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2019 THE TEAM SALES REPORT | 17 fonts that were chosen. The good news on this template style is that it works with most teams. Once you have a good template, it is quick to create, and the final print is rarely more than a couple of colors. Taking some time to offer your sport team clients unique design templates can jump start some sales, differentiate your company from the competition, and even get extra orders from the same team. The best possible result is when fans and team members start to ask your customers, "Who did those great team shirts for you?" Thomas Trimingham has been helping screen printers for more than 25 years as an industry consultant, freelance ar tist, and high-end separator. Thomas is currently working with M&R companies as an online marketing manager. You can learn more about M&R at: all it takes is larger screens and the printing area to execute. In cases where the oversize print is required to fall off a seam or the edge of the garment, it can make sense to create a custom platen for this option or to preprint the item with the larger image first. The pre-print concept is particularly functional when there is a big difference in garment sizes in one order. If you have small shirts and 2X shirts in the same or- der, an oversize print will be in different spots on the shirts and the follow-up print can be centered and adjusted with the ghosted print accordingly. VINTAGE SIGN LOGOS The vintage sign logo style has become popular in recent years. The look started as a common solution for type-based designs with funny sayings, quotes, or tongue-in- cheek graphics. This design template is a little more difficult to create well because it requires the design to look amateur and a bit awkward on purpose. You can think of this style as a menu item that is drawn on a corner deli chalkboard. To get this look to be popular there has to be a consistent gritty overlay that makes the whole graphic look hand-drawn, and many of the graphic elements need to have the same weight line work and style as any provide a multiple location shirt is to use transfers in addition to standard printing. If the production is set up properly, there is con- siderably less setup for each print and sleeves or even multiple loca- tions can be heat pressed at once. Other creative solutions include a custom platen that will print multiple locations at the same time, like double sleeve, neck, back, or hip prints. If you can solve the pric- ing and production challenges, you can create a product that other printers can't compete with. OVERSIZE LOGOS A number of years ago this was extremely popular, and although it has become less common, it is still a highly requested way to wow fans and team customers. The oversize logo is typically done as a backdrop for a clean top print or sometimes incorporated with a vertical format print. Another common use of an oversize logo print is to create a ghosted print behind a brighter, smaller print that will sit on top. This can be done in the same print run, and TS

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