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8 | THE TEAM SALES REPORT 2019 THE TEAM SPORTS MARKET Above: Participation awards like this resin-style model work well for all sports markets. (Image courtesy Eagle's Mark) Right: Shops can also consider styles like customized medals instead of trophies to diversify their client's options. (Image courtesy Eagle's Mark) S hops can easily bulk up their team sales order with smaller add-on items like window decals and team banners, but another product to consider are participation awards. Bob Hagel, Eagle's Mark, explains a few key factors in offering these products. Relatively simple layout and production. Hagel contends that these awards are "much simpler to produce versus a trophy that has to be built," because they generally don't come in at as high of volume as championship awards and typically just feature the child's name, the season, and the year, or in some instances, just the school year. Hagel suggests resins or pre-made trophies for this category. Production still requires planning. Hagel suggests that shops always map out a production planning strategy. "If you receive an order for a whole league, you likely will need to deliver all of them at once, and planning production can become a greater challenge," he adds. Treat it differently. "Don't market this product as an award or trophy," Hagel says, referring to them as Participation Memories. Instead of decorating the product like a standard award, Hagel recommends more unique layouts. "You may want to suggest putting the coach's names on them as well as the child's." In some instances, a producer could even leave the student's name off the award and stick with the date, so the product is more of a memory keepsake. "Participation Memories are something a child will look back on as they get older or become adults," Hagel adds. Give them options. As with apparel, giving clients different options of what blank product they can use for their memory helps keep the participation award category fresh. Items like medals and pins, Hagel contends, can be just as sentimental as a trophy-style award if personalized to the customer's liking. PARTICIPATION AWARDS An add-on for your sports apparel order

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