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10 | THE TEAM SALES REPORT 2019 BRANCHING OUT AND ASKING QUESTIONS With the new face of buyers in the team sales world, mar- keting approaches from the decorator's side need to evolve as well. Email marketing, Hiler suggests, is a viable way to get the attention of organizations, much more so than the tradi- tional cold call. "Become a member of their contacts," Hiler offers. Directly contacting the sports organization's president and the team is helpful since many organizations allow the individual groups to order uniforms. "Networking with organizations outside your area has be- come much easier using social media, email marketing, and web marketing," adds Hiler. Wilcosky recommends monitoring online trends through social media as well. "Team decorating is a visual tool that can easily be paired to sell through this channel," Wilcosky explains. Also, while the digital sphere is a significant part of doing business now, Heiser suggests that it's still important to be a 'face,' especially if it's a local client. Attending yearly meetings where coaches, athletic directors, and other major decision makers are present will help to drive the point home that a decorator is serious about a school or team's business. In ad- dition to meetings, attending a few games a year also helps a business maintain a presence in the public eye and lets the community know they're interested in contributing. Finding ways to go the extra mile still matters too, sources agree. That means asking the right questions, so a client knows you're the shop they can count on for their team's needs. Some key things to zero in on include: Budget: Knowing how much a team has to spend will save both parties time since it'll give a decorator an idea of what they can realistically offer, and potentially upsell the customer. Occasionally, a school team might have a larger budget than normal, Hiler explains. "Sometimes individual teams get sponsors and want to stand out," he adds. "(These teams) are usually willing to spend a little more than the organizations offer." Online Stores: Some teams will want the ease of an online store to purchase their logoed gear. This allows for not only the team but parents and fans to buy team and spirit apparel as well. Application: Producers should find out what kind of event the apparel is for since it'll also help them gauge what to offer. For tournament events, a higher-end garment might be suitable while fundraisers for the team might warrant more affordable shirts for things like raffles, giveaways, or other events. Ultimately, sources say a big part of staying ahead in today's team sales mar- ket comes back to delivery and efficiency. "Amazon has created 'I order last minute and still receive it' mentality, so turnaround is a key differential in the team market," Wilcosky states. "If you can advertise you can deliver quickly, and do it, you will get a good portion of the market." Matching that speediness with the right attention to detail and customer service can present lucrative opportunities in the team apparel market which, by all ac- counts, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. TS THE TEAM SPORTS MARKET continued from page 6 Combining team numbers with customized logos helps boost the value proposition of decorated jerseys. (Image courtesy Bullseye Activewear)

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