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2 4 P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 9 2 4 P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 9 HEAT PRESS HEAT PRESS HEAT PRESS Pressing Matters J o s h & Z a c h E l l s w o r t h Going Pro Heat Press Like a Professional P rofitability is a key component for all businesses. Making the number needed to keep the doors open, pay the employees, and invest in the future are driving forces behind why we do what we do. Naturally, costing and pricing strategy plays into our success in this endeavor, but product strategy does as well. I've often subscribed to the idea that easy things attract competition. Competition creates price pressure and often a race to the bottom that nets lagging profits or losses on the financial statements. To truly succeed in any business, it's im- portant to find a place where unique value can be created. Creating unique value must start with a firm understanding of the cus- tomer and what drives their decision mak- ing on the purchase. In many cases, you'll find that there is more uncontested space in the premium side of the market because many aren't willing to take the risk to exist there. Heat press decorating is no different. Which begs the question, what is the pre- mium market of heat printing? Premium heat printing on quality garments and bags helps create bigger profits, although the jobs can take longer. (All im- ages courtesy Stahls')

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