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2 0 1 9 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R 2 5 PREMO PRODUCT In the case of many successful businesses, premium heat printing means elevating the finished product. Since all finished products include a blank item plus a deco- ration, you can choose to elevate one or both. In the case of apparel blanks, this means going with a premium brand or a higher quality. Try selecting the jacket, bag, or polo with the extra details and pre- mium fabric construction versus the low- est cost solution. In the case of decorating, it may mean selecting elevated finishes and materials or combining products to create unparalleled looks. Often, it's as simple as the logo placement that generates a high- end look. And for a heat decorator, this is a secret weapon that is tough to replicate with other decorating technologies. While there are many ways to create something different, let's get into a practical example of what premium heat pressing may look like: The Job: Track jackets and bags for a lo- cal dance school The Goal: Create something that stands out at dance competitions The Delivery: A mixed media four-logo placement track jacket with a bag to match The above example represents a real sce- nario. A local dance studio wanted to stand out from the crowd and outfit dancers with something that looks great on stage. While glitter remains a popular finish and one that has been used in the past for jobs like this, the studio owner was interested in what's next. With permission to exercise creativity, we began thinking through ma- terials and finishes that would deliver. The final result is something that was difficult to make but profitable nonetheless. A bag capped off this premium dance school job.

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